Roger Goodell Just Suspended This Tennessee High School Cornerback

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There are car wrecks and then there’s the wreck Ravenwood (TN) 3-star cornerback Myles Pollard unloaded on an IMG Academy receiver Friday night on ESPNU. I’ve watched this one at least a dozen times and all I can think is that Roger Goodell has already filed Pollard’s name away in the back of his commissioner brain for future use if needed.

While Pollard (6’2, 185 lbs.) has a highlight reel hit in HD thanks to ESPN, Ravenwood was lit up on the scoreboard suffering a 45-14 loss to the No. 1 high school team in the country.

Lead with the shoulder, drive the receiver’s mouthpiece into orbit. It’s a catch, but Pollard is about to shoot up some recruiting boards off this single hit.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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