Robert Griffin III Cries ‘SEC Bias’ After Latest College Football Playoff Rankings

The latest College Football Playoff rankings were released on Tuesday night and not everyone agrees with them. In other news, water continues to be wet.

People are always going to complain about something, even rankings that will be shaken up following this weekend’s action and conference championship games. This week, folks including Robert Griffin III are upset about teams outside of the top four.


The CFP committee didn’t surprise anyone with Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, and TCU rounding out the top four, but LSU sneaking into the No. 5 spot caught everyone’s attention. Two-loss Alabama at No. 7 ahead of one-loss Clemson at No. 8

Griffin III says there is clear “SEC bias” going on in the rankings.

CFP Rankings Can’t Make Everyone Happy

Since the College Football Playoff first arrived, “SEC bias” has become everyone’s favorite word who isn’t associated with the Southeastern Conference.

People love picking on the SEC, its teams, and its fans despite the fact that an SEC team has won five of the eight all-time CFB Playoffs. Clemson has spoiled the SEC’s domination twice while Ohio State won the first-ever College Football Playoff back in 2014.

You could certainly make the argument that USC deserves the No. 5 spot ahead of LSU and the same goes for Clemson ahead of Alabama, but you could make the argument in the other direction as well, which is clearly the way the CFP rankings committee leaned.

The shouts of ‘SEC bias’ if LSU knocks off Georgia and both the Tigers and Bulldogs sneak into the Playoff may break the minds of everyone sick of seeing SEC teams battle for the national championship.

Written by Mark Harris

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