Rob Manfred: MLB Did Not Consider Canceling or Postponing Season

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Rob Manfred sat down for a lengthy interview with Tom Verducci on MLB Network on Monday night, after the news that a number of Miami Marlins tested positive for coronavirus, and a Yankees-Phillies game also got postponed as the Phillies had just played the Marlins:

Verducci asked Manfred if, on the previously scheduled conference call with MLB owners, there was any conversation about canceling the current baseball season or putting it on hiatus. “No, there really wasn’t,” Manfred said. “We talked about the situation. I think most of the owners realize that we built protocols anticipating that we would have positive tests at some point during the season — that the protocols were built in order to allow us to play through those positives. And I think there was support for the notion that we believe that the protocols are adequate for us to keep our players safe.”

How you feel about this interview is probably going to depend on whether you thought MLB should be playing at this point or not. Regardless of your thoughts on that matter, everyone should be hoping that this Marlins situation is a blip, that there are not serious long-term health consequences, and that this is not emblematic of how the whole season will go.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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