Congressman Rob Gronkowski? Former NFL Star Isn’t Ruling It Out

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Will Americans soon be calling Rob Gronkowski a Congressman?

Gronk won four Super Bowl rings during his legendary NFL career, and is widely-viewed as the most accomplished tight end in league history.

He was an absolute terror on the field for opposing defenses, but with his cleats hung up for good, he’s pivoting to other passions.

That included a trip to Capitol Hill to promote the movement to stop the spread of superbugs in order to keep dogs and pets safe. While on the Hill, he was asked by The Spectator’s Matthew Foldi if he’d ever consider a run for Congress.

The former Patriots and Buccaneers star said his answer is “not a no.” That means the door is open……even if it’s likely open by only the slightest crack.

Will Rob Gronkowski ever run for office? (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Is Congressman Rob Gronkowski on the horizon?

Now that the thought has been put in our heads, we have to envision what a Rob Gronkowski tenure in Congress would look like.

The retired NFL player lives in Florida. That means he’d be running for a House or Senate seat in the Sunshine State.

There’s no doubt he could win a House race with absolute ease somewhere in Florida. The man helped bring the Bucs a Super Bowl ring.

He could even probably win a Senate seat, but it would be tougher. A House seat would be served up a silver platter.

Rob Gronkowski is open to possibly running for Congress. (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)

Gronk would bring a party.

So, what would Gronk roaming the halls of Congress look like? I think we all know the answer. It’d be a never-ending party.

Most politicians in Washington D.C. are incredibly stuffy, boring, arrogant and not really any fun. You probably think they are. They’re not. There’s not enough alcohol in the world to lubricate them to the point of being interesting behind closed doors. There are some rare exceptions, but for the most part, that’s the standard.

Gronk would change that overnight. The man loves to crush cold beers, is always ready for a good time and is dating supermodel Camille Kostek.

Boring D.C. galas would become must-attend events overnight with Gronk in town.

Rob Gronkowski doesn’t rule out run for Congress. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Stop electing boring people who don’t have an interesting thing to say or story to tell. Start electing former NFL stars who like to party. Make D.C. fun again. That’s a movement we can all get behind.

Written by David Hookstead

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