Gronk Gives Epic Answer Involving Beer When Asked How He Celebrated Big NFL Wins

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Rob Gronkowski was never afraid to crack open a cold beer with the boys while playing in the NFL.

Gronk became an icon in the NFL not just for being a dominant tight end, but because he also has a major partier persona.

Well, he only helped boost that reputation during an appearance on “Up & Adams” when asked how he celebrated big wins during his playing days. Spoiler: He drank a lot of beer.

Rob Gronkowski talks about crushing beers during his NFL playing days. (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)

“When I was in my young 20s, it was ripping as many beers as you possibly could,” Gronkowski said with a massive smile on his face. He added that as he got older, the beers faded away and treatment took a priority.

“I liked it better when I was young 20s,” the four-time Super Bowl champion added when talking about “crushing beers with the family and friends” after big NFL victories.

The legend of Rob Gronkowski continues to grow.

Is Gronk the man or is Gronk the man? The answer is obvious and the answer is an overwhelming yes. He is THAT guy.

Most celebrities are pretty rigid and like to stick to a script. They don’t want to let their guard down or risk somebody having the wrong perception of them.

Gronk couldn’t care less. He shoots people straight, and that’s why he’s awesome. He didn’t even hesitate to answer with a comment about crushing beers.

Rob Gronkowski talks celebrating big NFL wins. He said he liked to rip beers. (Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Not just having a few, but “ripping as many” as he could. His comments almost make you want to crack one open right now.

We also know Gronk probably did this a lot because he won a ton of huge games with the Patriots and Buccaneers. That means he sucked down plenty of cold brews with the boys over the course of his career.

Imagine being a fly on the wall for a few of those parties. There’s no doubt they were awesome.

Rob Gronkowski says he ripped beers to celebrate big NFL wins. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Now that the former tight end’s playing days are seemingly permanently behind him, let’s all hope we continue to get some awesome stories. Rob Gronkowski is truly a content machine.

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