Riots Gone Too Far: Chants of ‘Death to America’

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Another weekend passed filled with shameful, disgusting rioters trying to ruin the country.

It has gotten so bad, the cowards roaming the streets are now chanting “death to America.”

These protests — that the media embarrassingly calls “peaceful” — have to stop. They are dangerous, unproductive, and simply, out of control. They’ve been out of control. Participants are not fighting social injustice. Instead, they are igniting hate and destruction. In the process, they have put innocent American citizens at risk.

Here are more photos of what went down this weekend:

Inexcusable. Terrifying. Awful. All of it.

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  1. Hope you guys can put together a nice article on Jon Thompson, Jr.

    He was a lightening rod for controversy as a coach and mentor, but his history is remarkable. His impact is legendary. His opinion on his radio show was mostly Gold.

    I didn’t like him in his hey day with Ewing, but he converted me with his beautiful mind.


  2. Most of these protesters aren’t even classic Marxists. They’re AnComs. They want nothing to do with authority (well, unless it’s when they need the police to protect them). Younger generations have always had a problem with obeying authority. They don’t trust it. They don’t want it. They haven’t grown out of it. They fear it…

    A few weeks ago, I made a comment about how the athletes were imitating Ghandi with protests. Supposedly, Ghandi identified as an anarchist. Now there are reports that only 20 percent of NBA players vote. An anarchist votes for no state. AnComs aren’t even willing to wait for a vanguard phase (or trust it, considering communist states never relinquish their powers and just become totalitarian s-holes).

    AnComs preach no state, no police, no economy, no currency, no religion. All communities require are neighborhood watches and civil service guards (e.g. PAW Patrol).

    I saw a tweet that claimed AnCom was communism for children. Unfortunately, a lot of millennials in their 20s and 30s are still children. And without fear of retribution or authority over their current behavior, this will continue. Look at how quickly NBA players folded when they learned of retribution (e.g. lost money in future seasons) after this latest wildcat strike.

    It’s a shame honestly. Leftism has some good concepts and noble ideas. The problem is that far too many people use leftism to exploit others or allow themselves a sloth lifestyle. Total corruption from the state and the people. No accountability whatsoever.

  3. All this is an attempted coup folks better start bringing the hammer down or some very ugly stuff could be happening.It’s always good when you know your enemy and they have make it clear so there is no guessing involved.

  4. It’s kind of amazing tbh… for every one of these delusional idiots there’s gotta be at least 100 immigrants who would happily take their place here in a heartbeat and who would actually work. This is what privilege is.

  5. They need to find out who is funding all this illegal activity (soros) and bring them up on RICO charges perp walk him into Federal court that would be a great start. This stuff is organized and well funded it shouldn’t be hard to find out .

  6. The Left doens’t care that its monster is out of control. They figured if that were to happen it would be hand-waved. They just blame Trump. “Trump’s America!” Everybody you see with a Biden-Harris sign on their front yard proves that yes, people ARE this stupid and WILL buy this pathetic and unimaginative lie. The man who is actively trying to get these (Democrat!) governors to accept federal help to crush this festering insurgency IS NOT TO BLAME FOR CITIES RUN BY DEMOCRATS GETTING BURNED DOWN.

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