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Brace yourselves, folks. 

What you’re seeing here is the result of liberal policies and liberal politicians. 

Thugs and miscreants going bananas, once again, and this time it’s not over Saint George Floyd, but rather the promise of a PlayStation giveaway. I’m sure it was a “social justice” giveaway because there’s just no way thousands of teens would behave that way over your average run of the mill gaming console, right?


So let me fill you in as to what ignited this mayhem. 

Social media influencer and Twitch streamer Kai Cenat posted a 3-minute long livestream promising his millions of followers the chance to take home PS5s, and hundred dollar give cards and instructed them to head to Union Square park in NYC at 4 p.m. 

Well, by 3 p.m. over a thousand of his minions were already overtaking the park waiting for their free things and if you thought they could behave themselves. Well, you have far too much blind confidence in today’s youth. No. 

They went buck wild, instead.

When Jason Aldean said, “Try that in a Small Town,” this is precisely the kind of behavior he was referring to. 

These teens started throwing bottles at officers, jumping on cars and other behaviors more akin to feral animals than adolescent human beings. 

No consequences for PlayStation riots

Influencer Kai Cenat has been charged with inciting a riot but shocker, was only issued a desk appearance ticket and released from custody early Saturday morning.

We know Donald Trump is really the only one that faces consequences for that kind of thing. 

But like many of you, as I watched footage from that Union Square debacle I thought to myself do these kids have parents and if so, are they aware and okay with the fact their offspring would act like that over a PlayStation giveaway?

And furthermore, if you are a decent parent of a decent young person, get them out of these godforsaken liberal hellhole cities as fast as you can. 

This kind of thing isn’t gonna change. This kind of thing has become an accepted norm ever since the summer riot season of 2020. No consequences. No accountability.

Riot over PlayStation
NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – AUGUST 04: Attendees brawl during the gift distribution event held by phenomenon YouTube and Twitch broadcaster Cenat at the Union Square in Manhattan, New York, United States on August 04, 2023. NYPD team banned entry to the area in order to calm the outrage and disperse the crowd after brawl broke out among hundreds of young people filling Union Square following popular broadcaster Cenat announced that he would distribute some free gifts to his fans through a raffle. Some young people and Twitch broadcaster Cenat, who did not obey to the warning of the police, were detained. (Photo by Fatih Aktas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Shoot, the city ended up PAYING OUT rioters to the tune of $13 MILLION BUCKS!

How far our society has fallen. The greatest generation stormed the beaches of Normandy to fight for rights, freedom and human dignity. This generation rushes Union Square for free PlayStations and gift cards. 

I really have no words. Just utter disgust and pure gratitude to live in Nashville and not New York or Los Angeles. 

Those are my Final Thoughts. From Nashville, God bless and take care.

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Written by Tomi Lahren

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