Riley Gaines Explains Why She Doesn’t Like The Term ‘Biological Female’ In ‘OutKick on Fox’ Special

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Women’s sports advocate and host of OutKick’s Gaines For Girls podcast Riley Gaines will appear on the upcoming OutKick on Fox on Fox News Channel this Sunday.

Gaines will be one of several guests — along with Enes Kanter Freedom and Mary Katharine Ham — who will join hosts Clay Travis, Tomi Lahren, and Charly Arnolt to discuss a variety of topics.

One of those topics is fighting for fairness in women’s sports. Gaines said that she is done using one particular term: “biological female.”

“The whole term of calling ourselves ‘biological females,’ I think it is so crazy and it took me a while to come to this conclusion really because it is true,” Gaines said. “We are biological females.”

However, she pointed out that there’s a problem with adding the qualifying word “biological.”

“But adding that word biological, or cis. It’s admitting there is an Un biological alternative,” Gaines said. “And there is not.”

“We are not biologically females. Well, we are. But I am done referring to myself as a biological female,” Gaines said. “I am done with the nonsense. I am done with the pandering.”

Be sure to check out the OutKick on Fox primetime special this Sunday, August 27 at 10 PM/ET on Fox News Channel.

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