Riley Gaines Points Out Hypocrisy At Pitt After Woke Protesters Block Street Ahead Of Speech

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On Monday, former University of Kentucky swimmer and women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines had a speaking engagement at the University of Pittsburgh. As is the case for people brave enough to speak the truth — which in this case is basic biological facts — Gaines was met with protesters.

The annoying woke kind, as is typically the case.

Gaines — a spokeswoman for the Independent Women’s Forum — was on campus to speak with Turning Point USA. Back in a time now known as “The Day,” the point of higher education was to learn and exchange. Of course, those days are long gone.

Now, we get the likes of this crowd of woke imbeciles who got together to try to stop Gaines’ speech.

A group of protestors like the poncho-clad crowd (which I guarantee looks exactly the way you pictured it in your head before you clicked the video) doesn’t show up for every speaker that gets scheduled at Pitt. Only the ones who challenge their backward worldviews.

Gaines noted the absurdity that a women’s rights activist like herself was met with such hostility. Especially, after the university had recently shelled out $26,000 to host transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Gaines Has Woke Crowd Scared Because She’s Right And They’re Not

As she noted, Gaines — who is scheduled to appear on OutKick’s Hot Mic with Jonathan Hutton and Chad Withrow on Friday, March 31 — is doing something right.

As you may recall, Gaines competed against transgender swimmer and “hero” to ESPN Lia Thomas. Gaines was vocal about the issues of biological men competing in women’s sports. Seeing as there is virtually no counter-argument to what Gaines is saying it left these woke buffoons scared.

They’re terrified because deep down in the reptilian part of their brains, they know that Gaines is right. That’s why they’re resorting to threats, protests, and trying to cancel events like this. If they knew their beliefs could be backed up by facts instead of shrieking in people’s faces, then there’s no reason to keep someone like Gaines from speaking.

For real. That’s the best they’ve got. Just ask Lily, a trans student who spoke to Pittsburgh’s WESA-FM.

“It’s just really disappointing seeing what’s happening at Pitt, and it’s really painful to see a lack of change even after students asked for that,” Lily said. “So I wanted to complain about it somewhere out loud.”

Translation: “I’m not getting my way, now I must scream.”

Very mature. That’s the same methodology an infant uses.

Everyone standing in the street inconveniencing the good folks of Pittsburgh knows that their worldview is fragile. Perish the thought that someone would challenge their foundationless views instead of coddling them.

If what Gaines was saying didn’t scare the life out of those people, they wouldn’t be standing in the middle of a road. Especially not on a Monday afternoon. They’d be at home not working/studying for their gender studies final.

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