Ricky Williams, Former Dolphins RB, Has Taken His Wife’s Last Name

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It was high time for a name change for former NFL running back and current pot enthusiast Ricky Williams. And the 45-year-old former Dolphin decided to do just that, opting to take on the last name (Miron) of his wife, Linnea.

And no, I’m not blowing smoke. Mr. Williams is now Mr. Miron and has been for quite some time.

During a recent appearance on “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz,” Miron told the show’s host that he legally changed his name more than a year ago. His given first name, Errick, remains the same – though he has always been and continues to be referred to as Ricky.

“I did it probably a year and a half ago, made it official,” Williams told Le Batard. “Something I’ve been thinking about and talking about, and I finally went through the steps. I went to the social security office with my marriage certificate, and I went through the process. It was quick and easy, and it felt meaningful. Really meaningful.”

The change came in Williams’ last name, which now mirrors that of the person he wed. And no, sadly, it’s not Ditka.

Ricky Williams name change
Ricky Williams, who recently went through a name change, with Mike Ditka on the cover of ESPN the Magazine in 1999 / ESPN

The former Heisman Trophy winner stated that the decision to change his name came after seeking ways to find a balance in the relationship between he and his wife. He cited the imbalance the couple experience amongst friends because he is famous and she’s a lawyer as an example.

“One of the ideas that popped into my mind was I can take her last name,” said Miron.

And alas, the Williams name went up in smoke.

“I think it’s cool,” he added. “It’s somewhere where we can both win.”

What made the name change easier for Miron was the fact that Williams shouldn’t have been his last name to begin with. “It’s one of those family secrets,” said the veteran of 11 NFL season. “My grandma, obviously, back then you don’t say anything. And so Williams was her husband’s name, but wasn’t my dad’s father.

So Williams is not even really my last name. And if you go back far enough, it’s idea of it is a slave name, so I think of what is even the purpose of a last name. And I find more meaning in this last name than Williams.”

Love is one hell of a drug.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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