Rick Barry Blows Whistle On NBA Players: ‘They’re Getting Away With Murder’

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It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Basketball Hall of Famer Rick Barry isn’t a fan of the modern NBA. Though Barry appreciates the skill of today’s players, he finds the games embarrassing, and he points to the referees as the reason.

“I blame the officials,” Barry told BasketballNews. “Call the damn game accordingly.”

As Barry sees it, players have little fear of being whistled for a violation because the league’s officials loosely enforce rules that have been on the books for decades.

“Stop the traveling, stop the carrying of the ball, stop the moving screens. Call the damn game according to the rulebook because players will adjust,” said a heated Barry, per BasketballNews. “If you’re going to allow them to get away with it, well of course, they’ll keep doing it. Call the game according to the rulebook.”

Barry, 77, who averaged more than 23 points per game in the NBA, doesn’t think the players are without blame: “They’re breaking the rules … It’s pathetic. For me to watch this game, the way I was taught how to play the game, to watch this, what they allow to let go, it’s an embarrassment.”

Barry continued: “I’m sorry, it is. It’s an incredible game, the athletes are incredible, what they can do is incredible. But they’re getting away with murder.”

But it’s viewers like Barry who do the hard time every time they tune in.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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