Ric Flair & Wendy Celebrate Anniversary, Hurricane Laura Intensifies, Plus A Bear Crawl To Steal Home

It’s that time of year

Computer issues…Google Chrome flashing, running slow, glitches about every 20 minutes. I sit here trying to do my best to get your day rolling and an internet browser decides to make things difficult. Too far 2020! I’m probably like many of you — ignore the software updates because things are running fine and I’ll get to it down the road. Well, that day is here. So it’s software updates around work today. That said, I think today’s Caps came out pretty good. It’s always a good day when Ric Flair’s in the mix.

In sports news, the NFL is considering allowing teams to pump in crowd noise at a set level. This is great news for the Chargers in their new SoFi Stadium digs where they were going to be at a fan disadvantage pretty much all year.

And in North Korea news this morning, the weirdos have reportedly released new images of Kim Jong Un and he’s not in a coma. Now, you make the call. Fake or real? And let’s hope the dog roundup thing North Korea was up to is fake news.

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