Ric Flair Gets Suplexed Into A Pool By His Future Son-In-Law

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Ric Flair is 72, has nearly died like twice over the last 5-7 years, and yet here he is in Mexico proving once again why he’s the dirtiest and greatest player in the game to ever do it. That’s Ric risking it all to allow his future son-in-law, Andrade Almas, to suplex the legend right into a pool for the Instagram content game.

Andrade, who was released by the WWE back in March, has been engaged to Charlotte Flair since New Year’s 2020. It’s unclear if the suplex is part of a joining the family-type thing where you can’t officially marry Ric’s daughter until you prove yourself in the ring/pool. It’s very possible this is a trust thing with Ric. Suplex me into that pool without dumping me on my neck and leaving me in a wheelchair. Then you can marry her. 

In other Ric news that I missed, the 16-time champion sat down with Ariel Helwani to share some real emotions about this life he’s led in the ring. Flair told Helwani that anxiety plagued him for years.

“That was my job. I loved doing it, and I didn’t see it as work,” Flair said about dealing with the anxiety as a wrestler. “But anxiety, I have wrestled matches where I couldn’t feel my hands. I had anxiety. I had what’s called agoraphobia for a while too, where I couldn’t get myself to leave the house. I was traveling with Arn Anderson, Kevin Sullivan, and somebody else, and we were in a small town where I was wrestling JYD.

“We rode around for the weekend, and I called Kevin to come down to my room. Kevin flew with me home. Then, for about a month, I would have a hard time driving out of my driveway and go into the airport to catch flights. I felt like if I wasn’t in my house or my backyard, I was lost. I could not attach myself to it. I was not having any fun. It is hard to explain, but wrestling when you can’t feel your hands, especially when I’m gonna do a flip or I’m gonna push off somebody for a backdrop, or take a press slam or something, it was brutal.”

Flair, who has been through four divorces and nearly died in 2017, said it was WWE leadership who saved him.

“It seems to be all forgotten, but the truth is that there are certain people, and you’ll find that out as you get older, there are people in your life that you’re never gonna ever forget for being there when you needed them. They didn’t need to be there. That would be Vince [McMahon], Hunter [Triple H], Stephanie [McMahon], my wife, my daughters. As wrapped up as they are in their own personal lives, I know I can talk to them. And they feel the same with me. I’m a lucky guy.”

And we’re awfully lucky to still have the limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun full of smiles and doing suplexes into a pool. Enjoy it.


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