RGIII Wants To Help One NFL Team With QB Problems

Robert Griffin III has offered himself to the San Francisco 49ers who find themselves in a bit of a quarterback bind.

The Niners’ issues at QB have been well-documented. The Jimmy Garoppolo offseason drama led to Trey Lance getting the starting job.

A few weeks later, Lance went down with an injury, giving Garoppolo the starting gig once again, only for him to put up a disappointing performance this weekend against the Broncos.

On ESPN’s, Monday Night Countdown, RGIII declared that he had the solution to the Bay Area QB woes: himself.

After some discussion about how the 49ers could use a mobile quarterback, Griffin’s ears perked up.

“Hey Kyle, hit my line. We did it once, we can do it again,” Griffin said. Griffin hasn’t played in the NFL since 2020, and his TV cohorts quickly reminded him of that, and why he now sits behind the desk.

Retired Players Offering To Help Teams Is Big Right Now

RGIII has now added his name to the list of former players who have offered their services to ailing teams.

It’s the hottest trend in football right now.

Early on we had Chad Johnson and Dez Bryant offering to come out of retirement. Meanwhile, TJ Houshmandzadeh claimed that Terrell Owens was still in playing shape.

None of these offers have been taken up yet, but the way I see it, it’s a numbers fame. We’ve had four offers so far and we’re only through three weeks of the NFL season.

That’s averaging out to 1.33 offers/week, meaning we could be on track for 23.94 offers. Call it 24. I would guess that at least one of those offers will get accepted and we’ll see an old fan favorite get a chance to put his money where his mouth/tweets is/are.

If we see enough offers roll in, we might get to a point where one team’s coaching staff and front staff get so frustrated that they throw up their hands and say, “Alright that’s it; get Chad Johnson on the phone!”

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