Spring Training Reporting Dates For All MLB Teams In Arizona And Florida

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Major League Baseball is back, and despite all the issues and problems that the sport has had to overcome to return to the field, it looks like the 2021 season is ready to go. Spring training sites are prepared to host teams as early as Wednesday.

Unlike last season when everyone knew that a full season was out of the question due to the pandemic, the league is planning on a 162-game slate this year with Opening Day starting on April 1st.

After a lot of in-fighting, the league finally started in late July 2020, but this year it appears that everyone in the MLB offices are on the same page. With new COVID-19 health and safety protocols in place, the league should go on as planned.

While there’s still plenty of debate about whether fans will be in stadiums, for now at the very least it’ll be no worse than last season when teams played in empty stadiums around the country.

For those who like to have dates in front of them, here’s a look at reporting dates for all of Major League Baseball as camps get going over the next few days.

Reporting Dates For MLB Spring Training – Arizona

Team Name Pitchers & Catchers/First Full Squad
Arizona Diamondbacks Feb 17th/Feb 22nd
Chicago Cubs Feb 17th/Feb 22nd
Chicago White Sox Feb 17th/Feb 22nd
Cincinnati Reds Feb 18th/Feb 22nd
Cleveland Indians Feb 18th/Feb 22nd
Colorado Rockies Feb 18th/Feb 23rd
Kansas City Royals Feb 17th/Feb 22nd
Los Angeles Dodgers  Feb 18th/Feb 23rd
Los Angeles Angels  Feb 18th/Feb 23rd
Milwaukee Brewers  Feb 18th/Feb 23rd
Oakland A’s Feb 17th/Feb 22nd
San Diego Padres  Feb 17th/Feb 22nd
San Francisco Giants  Feb 17th/Feb 22nd
Seattle Mariners Feb 18th/Feb 23rd
Texas Rangers Feb 17th/Feb 22nd

Reporting Dates For MLB Spring Training – Florida

Team Name Pitchers & Catchers/First Full Squad
Atlanta Braves Feb 18th/Feb 23rd
Baltimore Orioles Feb 17th/Feb 22nd
Boston Red Sox Feb 18th/Feb 22nd
Houston Astros Feb 18th/Feb 22nd
Miami Marlins Feb 18th/Feb 23rd
Minnesota Twins Feb 19th/Feb 23rd
New York Mets Feb 19th/Feb 22nd
New York Yankees Feb 17th/Feb 22nd
Philadelphia Phillies Feb 17th/Feb 22nd
Pittsburgh Pirates Feb 17th/Feb 22nd
St.Louis Cardinals Feb 17th/Feb 22nd
Tampa Bay Rays  Feb 18th/Feb 23rd
Toronto Blue Jays  Feb 18th/Feb 22nd
Washington Nationals Feb 18th/Feb 23rd

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