Report: Seahawks Staff, QB Wilson Feud Over Offense

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Let’s face it, Russell Wilson has led a charmed life as the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks over the last nine seasons.

Wilson became a star right away, winning a Super Bowl in just his second season as a starter, and since then he’s been a Pro Bowl QB in seven of his nine seasons.

Despite all that, there now appear to be some cracks in the foundation between Wilson and the Seahawks, and it’s starting to sound like the quarterback and franchise are not seeing eye to eye.

The Athletic wrote Thursday about the friction between the coaching staff and Wilson, that Wilson wants the team to be run more like the Kansas City Chiefs, and that he wants to be more like Patrick Mahomes.

The article states that head coach Pete Carroll went crazy when Wilson threw four picks against the Buffalo Bills and then three more against the rival Los Angeles Rams.

Wilson then got into it with the coaching staff, according to the story. Prior to a Thursday night game against the Cardinals, there was again more dissension that frustrated Wilson enough to leave the meeting in a huff.

“Before the Thursday night game against Arizona, Wilson met with his coaches. For some time, Wilson has sought — even pushed — for influence within the organization regarding scheme and personnel,” the story read.

“In the meeting, he outlined his own ideas for how to fix the offense. His suggestions were dismissed, multiple sources told The Athletic — another reminder to Wilson that the Seahawks did not see him the same way he saw himself, as a player who had earned greater control over his situation, his future, his legacy. He stormed out of the room.”

It’s not a good look, and all this could explain recent rumblings about the Seahawks entertaining calls from teams asking about Russell’s availability.

Over the years, Wilson has been known as a team player with a squeaky clean reputation who rarely goes against what the team wants.

That could all be changing with this article, which may be a window into the issues the two sides have been having.

The two sides will probably get on the same page eventually, but if things don’t improve, the Seahawks may have to make some tough decisions about Russell and his future.

Written by Matt Loede

Matt has been a part of the Cleveland Sports landscape working in the media since 1994 when he graduated from broadcasting school. His coverage beats include the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers. He's written three books, and won the "2020 AP Sports Stringer Lifetime Service Award."


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  1. Matt L: “Wilson became a star right away, winning a Super Bowl in just his second season as a starter, and since then he’s been a Pro Bowl QB in seven of his nine seasons.”

    “…a charmed life”…lol, Matt, if you say so. I would say he worked his azz off to get to the pros, and nobody gave him anything once he got to Seattle.

    How can you not listen to the undisputed LEADER of your team? The guy under center for 9 years who’s seen it all unfold, including with an OC they just let go who was the most successful OC – with a 33-15 record but only 1-3 in the playoffs.
    Wilson’s done everything he could, hasn’t missed a start in 9 years! But management doesn’t view him as their leader? Why, because he’s not 6-3 and 225? Just sayin’.

      • I’m thinking the Seattle D got old, got hurt, and some left for big free agents contracts like all players do (unless you want to blame it all on Wilson lmao)…and no different than when we talk about Brady in NE not getting impact players to help the O…Rodgers not getting impact players to help the O…Watson not getting O help…

  2. Russ has really been smelling himself since

    a) He got with Ciara
    b) Got his big money extension
    c) Had the sports world fawning over him with the whole “Let Russ Cook” saga the first 7 weeks of the season…

    …then came the games against BUF, LAR, and (lol) NYG. Those defenses put him in Hell’s Kitchen and Russ’s “Cooking” sucked so bad that Carroll had to return to PeteBall.

    Russ got a ring because that ’13 Seahawks defense was a buzzsaw and Lynch was damn near unstoppable which made it easy for Russ to do his job. And BECAUSE Pete Carroll was coddling Russ so much, he wanted him to be the hero in SB XLIX (and we all know how that turned out). Like William Moore said above, they bent over backwards for him, much to the chagrin of the LOB and co who were the main reason SEA (alongside Beastmode) was such a force from ’12-’14.

    Go ahead and overplay your hand (and throw your o-line under the bus some more), Russ. It always ends well.

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