Report: Daughter Of MLB Legend Dennis Eckersley Misled Police After Allegedly Abandoning Newborn In The Woods

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Alexandra Eckersley, the 26-year-old adopted daughter of MLB great Dennis Eckersley, continues to find herself in trouble.

Earlier this week, Eckersley — who is homeless — was arrested in New Hampshire after allegedly abandoning her newborn son in the woods after giving birth to him in a tent.

Now, a report indicates that she may have misled police as to her son’s whereabouts.

A police affidavit revealed that Eckersley had misled police who were trying to locate her son. This was because she was afraid that they would take away her tent.

“Eckersley was stating that it is very hard to survive if they had lost their tent because of the cold temperatures during the winter in Manchester,” the affidavit reads according to The Boston Herald.

According to police, Eckersley directed authorities toward some baseball fields but later revealed where the infant was while speaking to investigators.

The report also describes the inside of Eckersley’s tent which she shared with her boyfriend. First responders noted a large amount of blood and several blankets inside the tent. They also reported that the tent’s propane heater had been turned off.

Alexandra Eckersley Has Had A History Of Drug Use And Mental Illness

Eckersley reportedly told EMTs that she was unaware she was pregnant before giving birth to her son, who is believed to be around three months premature.

The report mentioned that when asked why she allegedly abandoned her newborn, Eckersley had a chilling answer. “What do they tell you when a plane goes down? Save yourself first.”

Authorities also noted that Eckersley was “unsteady” during the incident. According to the report, she admitted to police that she had been abusing drugs. She reportedly even mentioned using cocaine several days before giving birth.

Eckersley was featured in a 2019 Concord Monitor article about how homelessness can happen to anyone. Even someone whose adopted father was a Hall of Fame pitcher.

The Eckersley family told the Concord Monitor that they were “devoted to her health and wellbeing.” They also mentioned having tried to get her help “throughout her life.”

Dennis Eckersley was enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2004. He retired from broadcasting at the end of the 2022 MLB season.

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