Report: Bill Gates Used This CO2-Spewing Super Polluting Superyacht During Environmental Crusade

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Bill Gates, who sits somewhere in the top five of richest people in the world, reportedly used a massive super-polluting superyacht to hunt down farmland that he seems to think will save the world. According to the New York Post, Gates used LANA, a massive eight stateroom ship that can accommodate 12 guests and 31 crew members, for his birthday and for a farmland shopping expedition along the Turkish coast.

“He wants to create a large sustainable farm in Turkey,” a source told The Post.

The billionaire spent Tuesday at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland where he pledged $315 million “to help hundreds of millions of smallholder farmers adapt to a surge of climate threats now imperiling the global fight against hunger and poverty,” Gates announced in a press release.

Remember all of this when Gates and his fellow climate-change heroes start ramming it down your throat that you need to do your part to save the earth from impending doom.

Bill Gates yacht shopping for farmland

Gates made his major financial, climate-saving announcement just days after enjoying his 66th birthday on a superyacht that environmentalists absolutely despise. In a 2019 paper titled “Measuring the Ecological Impact of the Wealthy: Excessive Consumption, Ecological Disorganization, Green Crime, and Justice,” published by researchers Michael J. Lynch, Michael A. Long, Paul B. Stretesky, and Kimberly L. Barrett, researchers noted that the construction and use of items such as superyachts, super homes, luxury vehicles and private jets — when talking about the construction and use of those items — “is likely to create a CO2 footprint that exceeds those from entire nations.”

The researchers went on to suggest that “excessive consumption practices of the wealthy may need to be reinterpreted as criminal when they disrupt the normal regeneration and reproduction of ecosystems by generating excessive ecological disorganization.”


The researchers weren’t done with their critique of the super-rich who do things like hunt for farmland while using superyachts.

They contend that for rich people who have extraordinary amounts of wealth “acquiring property and consuming excessively become marks of distinction, and to earn those marks, the leisure class must consume.”

Superyachts are built, they consume huge quantities of oil and spew pollution. Fast Company reported in early 2021 that billionaires “have carbon footprints that can be thousands of times higher than those of average Americans.”

That’s right, guys like Gates tell you how the world needs to be saved while their carbon footprints are “thousands” of times higher than yours. Read that again. Let it sink in.

It’s estimated that a superyacht with a full crew, helicopters, pools, toys, boats that launch from the superyacht, etc. will pump out 7,020 tons of CO2 each year. And Gates, according to Fast Company, is one of the more “modest” billionaire polluters out there.



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