Report: Biden Admin Wants MLB To Delay Season For A Month

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President Joe Biden is reportedly trying to delay the start of the MLB season, but those efforts seem to be falling short. According to reports, spring training is expected to start on time, despite pressure to stop.

Remember “Flatten the curve”? Good times.

The president of the players association Tony Clarke and the rest of the committee didn’t participate in talks with the Biden administration because there’s nothing to discuss. President Biden said himself that there’s little he can do to slow the virus, so that essentially means he’s asking the American people and Major League Baseball to put things on hold for no reason.

Maybe some people weren’t aware that Biden doesn’t have a clue how to stop the COVID outbreak, but we knew. The guy complained tirelessly about Trump’s lack of leadership, and now Biden’s leadership consists of asking us to wear a mask the way we did before and to postpone baseball.

MLB lost billions of dollars with no fan presence in 2020, so they’re defying pressure to close up shop now the way they should’ve done last year.

MLBPA released the following statement:

This statement means that the players association is tired of losing money behind failing science. These players and representatives were told if protocols were followed, their lives would return to normal and that money would start to flow once again. They were lied to, and so were the American people.

If Major League Baseball is finally standing up to the federal government and gets this season rolling on time, then it seems the nation is finally healing after all.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Mr. Sheffield,

    I thoroughly enjoy your articles and the topics that you have been covering. Please keep them coming.

    On a side note, I, for one, am not healing. There is no chance of healing, now or any time in my future, after the past four years of non-stop woke-ist attack, degradation, hysteria, tantrums, shaming and canceling.

  2. I mean, when the story came out about the proposed 154 month-delayed season last week, everybody seemed to be in agreement that March baseball sucks and they should absolutely wait a month to start the season. But now because the Biden Cabal wants to do it, we should start in March after all? The only argument I see is the idea that they should have bigger things to worry about than shutting down sports. Whereas Trump wanted them to start up, which is objectively good, and therefore the same argument doesn’t hold water given the fact the Cabal wants to DELAY the season.

  3. We all know what Biden was and what Biden is. Condemn that demented old fool at every turn — and the morons who voted for him. And primary every RINO out of office. No money for the RNC, either, until they learn how to fight and truly protect its base.

  4. Let’s face it, we had a sports loving Alpha Dog in 45 as our POTUS and now we have a feeble soy boy loser in the Oval Office today. Regardless of the fraud we suffered with the past election there were still millions of soy boy loving Americans that voted for Joementia driven by a culture that stinks. I’m glad MLB is starting on time. Aubrey Huff is proud. The players are doing us a solid.

    • Amen to article and comments. Biden has killed over 50K jobs and lost our energy independence by shutting down the pipeline. Dems objective is to cripple private business of all kinds to force people into dependence on government. With the ‘woke’ sheep, plan is proceeding toward total socialistic suicide. Sad.

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