Rent Dolly Parton’s Tour Bus For A Two-Night Stay Inside Dollywood

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If you need further proof that Dolly Parton is one helluva businessperson, let’s look at her latest venture where she’s renting out her beloved tour bus, Suite 1986, for fans to enjoy a two-night stay inside her Dollywood amusement park.

“(I) decided to retire it because I wasn’t touring that much anymore and it just was sitting there,” Parton said in an interview with the Knoxville News Sentinel. “And I thought this could be put to really good use.”

One thing led to another and Dolly’s now taking reservations for those who can plunk down $10,000 for an experience. That might seem high considering a lodge sleeping 12 can go for as little as $500 a night near Dolly’s resort, but then you wouldn’t get the full Dolly experience.

Dolly Parton tour bus rental
Rent Dolly Parton’s tour bus for a two-night stay inside Dollywood /

“If you’ve got money — and a lot of people do — they just want to experience that,” Parton told the Sentinel, while noting that a portion of the profits will go to the Dollywood Foundation and Dolly’s Imagination Library.

Damn right, Dolly.

How is it this woman never created economic policy for this country?

What is a 76-year-old bazillionaire going to do with a 45-foot bus that put 360,000 miles odometer over 13 years of use? Sell it? Why, when she can get the Dollywood staff to turn it into an Airbnb?

“I have homes all over the United States, but my favorite place is the bus because that way I can just feel those wheels rolling; I’m a true gypsy at heart,” Dolly added in a press release.

Now, here’s what you get for your $10,000:

• Two-night stay on the bus for two guests

• A guest room that sleeps up to four additional guests inside the Dollywood DreamMore Resort and Spa with a view of the tour bus

• An impressive dining experience

Dolly Parton bus rental dining menu

Don’t know what to get your wife for her birthday? Drop $10k and give her the Dolly experience of a lifetime. Turn on “Jolene” on the bus and imagine life on the road as one of the most iconic country singers in the history of the game.

“You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try,” Dolly once said.

Take her word for it. Rent the bus.

via Dollywood
via Dollywood
via Dollywood

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