Remember The Loser Coronabros Who Predicted No Sports in 2020?

Remember all the Coronabros out there in the media who said we are never going to be able to play sports in 2020.

MLB starts Thursday.  NFL has already begun to have players return. NHL and NBA next week.  MLS is already back.  PGA is already back.  I think the WNBA is already back but I wouldn’t know if they were or weren’t.

UFC is already back. The National Women’s Soccer League is already back. Professional is back. Boxing is back. NASCAR is back. The Kentucky Derby and the Indy 500 is coming soon. National Lacrosse League is coming back.

I believe college football is coming back. Remember that tons of people in the sports media that said 2020 is canceled. No sports are going to be back.

Guess what that every sport under the sun is going to be back and we are going to have the wildest and most fun and most busy August, September, and October in the history of sports. I can’t wait.

Remember in the long term, optimists win. Optimists win in the long term.

In the short term, all the Coronabros ran around talking about negativity.

Pessimists can win for days, weeks, and months. But in the long term, history teaches you optimists again, again, and again.

And guess what?  Optimism won again in the world of sports.

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  1. The reason that Optimists win, is because they are not satisfied with quitting. They are “Can Do” People that adapt and find ways to do things. The U.S. used to be full of these kind of people, but it’s much easier to take your trophy (the same one that everyone else got) and quit.

  2. A special shout out to Gavin Newsom is in order. It is one thing for a 400 lb coronabro living in his moms basement to predict this on twitter. It is entirely different for a fricken governor to claim this. FWIW, On 3/19 Newsom claimed 56% of California would have COVID in 8 weeks. My question is, which prediction was worse? No sports in 2020, or 56% COVID infection rate by 5/19?

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