Ref Who Had A Spike Slammed Into His Head Multiple Times By Wrestler Says It Wasn’t A ‘Work’

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According to the referee who had his head stapled up, that wasn’t a ‘work’ Saturday night at a World Class Pro Wrestling event in Irvin, Texas when wrestler Devon Nicholson, who goes by “Hannibal,” started ramming a spike into his head multiple times as blood started splattering.

The spike attack, which came after Hannibal’s match against “Carlito,” did so much damage that referee Lando Deltoro needed multiple staples to close up gashes received when Hannibal went to work.

Recovering at home, still a big fuzzy and pain, yes lots of pain. But I’ll live. Thanks you all for out pouring of love and support. I am a firm believer that if you put good out into the world, good will return to you,” Deltoro wrote Sunday on Twitter.

From what Deltoro wrote about the situation, it sounds like he agreed to some sort of attack, but not to the point where an emergency room was needed to close up multiple gashes.

“This is the ref that got stabbed, I can tell you it was a spot that went way off the rails. From what I’m hearing now he is not a safe worker. And now I have first hand knowledge,” Deltoro tweeted to someone concerned over the violence.

Defiantly not a work,” the ref added.

According to Dirt Sheet Radio, which tracks the wrestling industry, police were called over the incident:

In an update to the report of a referee being attacked during a WCPW show in Texas last night.
Dirt Sheet Radio was able to confirm that the victim, Lando Deltoro, was originally planned to do a “blade job” where he would cut himself to sell an attack from Bloodhunter aka Hannibal.
However, it appears when Deltoro was unable to make himself bleed, Bloodhunter took a Spike to his head multiple times and eventually choked him unconscious.
Deltoro suffered a torn artery and was taken to a local hospital where he was treated.
One person backstage witnessed Bloodhunter looking “impaired or under the influence of something” leading up to, during and after the match.
Wrestling referee attacked spike
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  1. I’m sure it wasn’t a work. This dick head has been doing this for years. He tried out for WWE and was told get fucked because he can’t wrestle and the asshole tried suing them. He has a YouTube channel where he interviews real wrestlers and his show sucks because he literally talks like a retard. He’s a huge guy like 6-5 270 and this is just what he does, basically bullies other much smaller inexperienced wrestlers on the independent circuit. He’s even severely assaulted many fans through the years. He’s a legit douche bag.

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