Ref Cup Checks UNC Coach, Giants Run Pass Play With Zero Receivers & Dawgs Fan Wearing Cone Of Shame

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What did we learn this weekend in the world of football?

• The NFC East is once again a wasteland where a tie can leave you in first place. The Eagles pull out a win against the 49ers backup QB and withstand a late charge from their third-string quarterback, while the Browns beat up on the Cowboys’ defense. The Football Team is the Football Team and the Giants have pretty much quit. Yet one of these teams is going to play a home playoff game, unless the NFL does the right thing and bubbles the playoffs. Don’t allow one of these teams the luxury of hosting a game.

• The Browns aren’t as great as they looked. Don’t get sucked in and get burnt gambling your hard-earned money next Sunday when the Colts roll into Cleveland. The running backs are banged up, and now it’s going to be on Baker to win games. Meanwhile, Philip Rivers is completing 72.7% of his passes. Some books have the Browns as home dogs. Woof woof.

• Tom Brady is still pretty good. How do I know? He had five touchdown passes Sunday, each to a different receiver. I’m no football expert, but that seems pretty good at 43.

• Mac Jones is doing his Bama best not to allow Bryce Young on the field for this week’s game at Ole Miss unless it’s a blowout. Saban-Kiffin this week. Get ready.

• CBS, 3:30 ET Saturday is appointment TV. Tennessee at Georgia. Clay’s going to be an emotional wreck all week thinking about this one and what it means for the UT program. The Vols roll into Athens on an eight-game winning streak.

• For some reason, the AP poll continues to include teams that aren’t yet playing. That’s how dumb and irrelevant the AP poll has become in the CFP era. It’s October 5 and Ohio State (0-0) is ranked 6th. How about we honor the teams that are playing? Let Miami have that spot since they’re playing, they’re actually looking good, and they’re taking on Clemson on the road this Saturday.

It’s going to be another great week of football. Rest up. Finish your yard work. Let’s have a strong week and then enjoy the beers and pigskin.

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