Red Sox Owner John Henry Gets Booed At NHL Winter Classic

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Red Sox owner John Henry probably showed up to the NHL Winter Classic at Fenway Park thinking he could just kick back and watch some hockey. Sure, he might have to do the occasional glad-handing, but all eyes were on the Bruins, on Monday, not his Red Sox.


Bruins fans and Red Sox fans are usually one and the same. That meant that when they caught a glimpse of the Sox owner, they let him have it.

That dude yelling for John Henry to “pay Raffy” is referring to Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers.

It turns out he was listening… kind of.

This may have bought Henry a little time from the wrath of Winter Classic fans, but he’ll need to pony up if he wants to keep the Devers long-term.

Hence the boos, because these fans have seen it before.

Devers was potentially the latest in a slew of talented players the Red Sox have let go in recent years after Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts skipped town for better deals.

Ironically, Henry’s Fenway Sports Group owns the Pittsburgh Penguins, so for most Bruins/Red Sox, he was the enemy on two fronts.

His Penguins also lost 2-1 thanks to a pair of goals from Bruins forward Jake DeBrusk. That included a game-winner with just a few minutes left in regulation.

That’s a tough day at the office for John Henry. Getting beat on your own turf is tough.

Getting booed and called cheap while getting beat on your own turf must be even tougher.

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