Red Bull Strapped A BMX Bowl To A Hot Air Balloon And It’s Horrifying

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Apparently, to the folks at Red Bull BMX, hot air balloons weren’t extreme enough on their own. They needed to be combined to achieve maximum, unholy extremeness.

Red Bull made a BMX bowl out of carbon fiber and suspended it beneath a balloon. That balloon then rose to an altitude of 2,000 feet.

Red Bull Advanced Technologies — the company’s engineering arm and a cousin to their F1 team — was behind the carbon fiber bowl. Makes sense as that light material is exactly what Formula 1 cars are made of.

(Fun fact: Red Bull Advanced Technologies developed the Aeroscreen at IndyCar.)

Once the bowl had reached its cruising altitude they let BMXer Kriss Kyle do his thing nearly a half-mile above the Earth’s crust.

If you’re height-averse this video could make your palms sweat like they’ve never sweated before.

Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope…

The project was called “Don’t Look Down,” and it’s one of the few ways to make hot air balloons more terrifying than they quietly already are.

First of all, I can’t believe that after like 150 years of hot air ballooning, they still make balloon baskets out of wicker. Then attach a flamethrower to it! Isn’t there something not so — oh, I don’t know — flammable that we can make the baskets out of?

Then once you’re airborne, you don’t get any say in where you go. That’s why you have to have one of your buddies drive behind you in a pickup truck whenever you land.

And by “land” I mean “crash softly.”

Balloons are terrifying and Kriss Kyle has such major cajones that he decided to hang a skate park from one of them.

The man must not be scared of anything.

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