Real Madrid Star Isco’s Girlfriend: We’re ‘Competitive’ With Sex Life

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It’s really good to be Real Madrid midfielder Isco right now and by really good, I mean his girlfriend Sara Salamo went on a Spanish TV show La Resistencia and was asked about her sex life. (It’s Spain, they’re not all up tight like here in the States.) Salamo, 28, told the show they’re competitive with their sex life and then made a major declaration that’s a clear signal to the jersey chasers out there that Isco, 28, is doing pretty well at home.

Salamo went on the show to promote her new book and things turned to the sex life.

From Marca:

“He and I didn’t want to come on the show here until we could say that we did it once a day,” she explained. “But then my book happened and we couldn’t quite get there. “We’ve had a lot of work and we’ve had the kids.

“But we’re very competitive.”


In addition, she recognized that both the Real Madrid player and she are “very competitive” , and blamed the job for not having been able to meet the objective they had set before one of the two attended the program.

Two takeaways from all of this to address: Isco, who has a $700 million Euro buyout clause in his Real Madrid contract, seems to have hit the girlfriend lottery. Sara even had a baby in 2019 with Isco and yet she’s still not getting the rock on her finger, but they still have a competitive sex life — her words. Sara could be pulling our leg here, but it’s Spain and I’ve heard from the relationship experts that Spanish ladies are straight shooters. Add it all up and Isco’s at a pretty powerful point in his life. The Real contract runs until 2022 and he goes by one name. Look, I’m not some international soccer expert like you guys are, but when I see a soccer player go by one name I know he’s a big deal. Sex, money, power. Good times, Isco.

The other thing I noticed here is that live studio interviews with celebrities appear to be back in Spain, something you haven’t seen in the U.S. since Rona flared up. There’s even a studio audience. Time for the late-night shows here to do their thing in two weeks.

Here’s the full La Resistencia interview with Salamo:

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Decía Abraham Lincoln, que lo que importa no es cuantos años acumulas en la vida sino cuanta vida se ha acumulado en esos años. Y me encanta seguir esta máxima contigo. Ser el engranaje perfecto de una máquina generadora de recuerdos. Como si juntos formáramos las piezas de una cámara de fotos que retrata todas las sonrisas y anhelos de nuestra vida. De nuestra familia. Para pararnos de vez en cuando a contemplarlas juntos. Y por eso ando algo nerviosa estos días… Ultimando cada detalle y exprimiendo cada idea para hacer de este 21 de abril un cumpleaños inolvidable (formará parte del álbum de vivencias. Eso seguro). Porque aunque las circunstancias sean insólitas y los besos y los abrazos de tanta gente que te quiere, serán virtuales, te mereces que este martes sea especial. Por ser tan sumamente bueno. Por querernos tanto y por amarnos así de bien. Y porque eres un amigo, un padre y un novio increíble. Así que espero estar a la altura de las circunstancias, que estoy en primero de celebrar cumples en confinamiento. ¡Muchísimas felicidades, mi vida! Felices 28 @iscoalarcon ? #deaquiAmarte

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Y tan pichi ??‍♀️

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