Triggered Anti-Police Professor Takes Leave of Absence

A video surfaced last week of a Cypress College professor berating Braden Ellis, a 19-year-old student enrolled in her class, after he referred to police as “heroes” during his online presentation. In response, the California-based college announced over the weekend that the unidentified professor would take a leave of absence.

“The adjunct professor will be taking a leave of absence for the duration of her assignment at Cypress College," the school said. "This was her first course at Cypress, and she had previously indicated her intention to not return in the fall.”

The video demonstrates how backward the college system is. Instead of teaching students to think, question, and explore -- professors across the country tell their students to follow, to accept, to believe.

Watch the exchange below:


You heard that correctly. A professor told her class that she would not call the police if someone broke into her home with a gun because her life would be "in more danger in presence.”

Radical, yes. Moronic, of course. Honest, probably not.

It's not merely that the professor expressed her hateful opinion of police during a session. If that's how she feels, fine. It's that she would not allow a student to disagree, to push back, or even to explain his reasoning. She made clear that independent thinking will not be tolerated in her (digital) classroom.

As for Cypress College's statement, it does little. The professor, per the college, didn't plan to return in the fall. It's May 2, so there likely were not many meetings left for this course. That statement is just a PR move.

Braden Ellis deserves props, by the way. Taking that stance in a college setting can be difficult and lonely. Ellis spoke about the exchange on Saturday:

Good for him.

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