Social Media Grossly Made Boulder Shooting All About Race

Immediately following reports of the horrific shooting in Boulder, Colorado -- an incident in which 10 people were murdered, including a police officer -- verified Twitter accounts rushed to politicize the tragedy.

Among those attacking was Meena Harris, niece of Vice President Kamala Harris. Minutes after hearing the news, Harris declared that white men are dangerous terrorists. She then quickly deleted the tweet after reports said the shooter was of Syrian descent.

The report came as a surprise to Harris and others of like mind, causing some to delete their initial response:

Harris explains her reason for deleting the previous tweet but then doubles down on the innate villainy of "white men" here:


Amy Siskind — an activist, feminist and author, per her bio — also changed her tone a bit too

Before the report:

After the report:

Before any details emerged, USA Today editor Hemal Jhaveri insisted only “an angry white man" could've done such a thing.


OutKick's Clay Travis tweeted out a thread highlighting the bizarre reactions to the shooting.

As expected, Mark Jones from ESPN dropped a good Like on that one:


There are many more of these that all make the same assumption: white guys are murderers. There's no doubt this country has an issue with both killings and violence — but for some reason, we hear about these issues only when the atrocities have been committed by a white guy or a guy everyone presumes is white. Of course, white guys are not responsible for all violence and murder. However, as we can see, the message that they are is rewarded online.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims' families. Officer Eric Talley, a father of seven, lost his life after first responding to the scene. In other words, a hero died on the job.

Violence by all races, toward all races, must stop.

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