President Biden's Ratings Drop To New Lows, Says Latest Polling Data

Since winning the election, President Joe Biden has steadily lost voter confidence among the American population. In the context of history, it's been the sharpest drop for a U.S. president since the second World War, and the plunge has continued.

This week, a new poll released by USA Today and Suffolk University — per The Hill's reporting — showed Biden's approval rating dropping to a new low of 38 percent.

His previous benchmark in polling data put him in the 40s, while collective feedback at the beginning of his presidency had him approved as high as 53 percent.

The sliding approval for Biden comes as the momentum gets away from Democrats, following their campaigning for Virginia gubernatorial candidate, Terry McAuliffe, that resulted in a firm loss to Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Biden and the Dems have lost on key issues concerning Americans all 2021; including rising prices for common goods, at the pump, vaccine mandates and bungling the exit out of Kabul back in August.

A recent NBC News poll showed that trust among the population is shifting the Republicans' way. The party received more votes of confidence than Democrats on areas such as border security, inflation, crime, national security, the economy and overall willingness to get things done, per the data.

As commodities rise in pricing and inflation leads to less savings, Biden's party has seemed unfazed by Americans' concerns by remaining bullish on spending more federal dollars to fuel his their plan — giving the economy a questionable trajectory. April's job reporting in 2021 showed the height of Biden ineptitude with handling a rebounding economy — adding 266,000 jobs, short of the forecasted one million expected that month.

On Sunday, the Biden administration's Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, voiced concerns over gas prices continuing to climb in cost, while cautioning Americans to expect a heftier utilities bill this holiday season.

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