Greg Abbott Releases New Data, Proving The Texas Reopening Is 100% Not 'Neanderthal Thinking'

Texas Governor Greg Abbott shared a positive update via Twitter on COVID numbers from the Lone Star State.

The governor announced that Texas recently administered 22 million doses of the COVID vaccine. Part of Abbott's tweet stated, "Almost 80% of seniors have received a shot." The update is great news for vaccine efforts among the most vulnerable population affected by the virus.

Hospitalization rates also continue to see a decline, despite harsh rhetoric from Democrats opposing Abbott's leadership in Texas.

Former Vice President Joe Biden openly mocked Governor Greg Abbott after dropping mask mandates for his state in March. The President called it "neanderthal thinking," and has continued support for COVID response from states such as California and Michigan despite the CDC's instruction to eschew the mask for all vaccinated Americans.

For the fact checkers reading this, we're aware that was Clay Travis' statement, not VP Biden.

As Joe Biden continues to get caught up in scoops of Chocolate Chocolate Chip and striking out on softball questions, the COVID data presented by states under Republican leadership continues to be transparent and supportive of efforts to move on from the pandemic panic as a nation.

Also dealing with vaccine hesitancy fueled by Democratic states, who have both pushed for the vaccine and supported ongoing mask mandates, Abbott found a way to promote a path to herd immunity without letting Texas businesses suffer.

The positive COVID vaccine results and progress with immunity continue to build momentum for the Texas governor. Abbott is set for re-election in 2022, which has seen its share of headlines after actor Matthew McConaughey announced a potential campaign effort to challenge Abbott's gubernatorial seat. McConaughey has not announced an official party, though reports suggest that the actor would consider running as a Democrat based on the predominant party of his supporters.

Texas leads the reopening of America alongside Florida, with Democratic states continuing to see rising unemployment, homelessness, and closing of businesses in what should be a season of booming economic progress.

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