Baltimore Re-funding Police By $28M After Crime Surge

Man, this whole "defund the police" mantra is going fantastically well. So well that all these cities that elected to reduce funding for their police departments are now seeing two things: 1) a surge in crime rate and 2) an increase in funding to address these surges.

Los Angeles was one of the first to announce the increase, which happened about three weeks ago. Of course you knew that meant New York wouldn't be too far behind, and indeed, the city announced last week that it would also be re-funding its police force.

And guess who else is in line? Baltimore.

After choosing to defund the city's police department by $22 million last year, Baltimore is now increasing its police funding by an eye-popping $28 million after a large surge in crime. That news comes from a Breaking911 tweet, which cited the Baltimore Sun.

Are we starting to see a trend here?

OutKick founder Clay Travis has been saying it for a year now: defunding the police is not a good idea. In fact, it's a terrible idea. Without law enforcement out, you know, enforcing the law, an increase in crime rates should've been obvious.

Unfortunately, it was not. And now a lot of cities are having to right wrongs as best as they can. Sadly, the loss of life and many catastrophic injuries can never be restored.

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