Ravens Tight End Mark Andrews On ‘Outside Noise’: ‘I Don’t Give A Sh*t’

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As a sports media writer/content creator, I have to say this: I love the Baltimore Ravens. It has almost nothing to do with their play on the field and almost everything to do with the stories they create off it, like Mark Andrews this week.

As has been noted many times, Lamar Jackson is content creator’s dream. Whether he’s changing his Twitter header to “I need $” while in the middle of a contract negotiation, or tweeting at trolls to “eat d*ck,” Jackson routinely gives us stuff to talk and write about.

Earlier this week, Ravens fans decided to stir the pot as someone in Baltimore left a bunch of handwritten notes outside the team facility imploring them to “fire Greg Roman,” the team’s offensive coordinator.

Naturally, the media asked several Ravens players about this incident. Tight end Mark Andrews shut it down immediately.

“I don’t give a shit, to be honest,” Andrews said when asked about “outside noise” from fans and media. “I don’t give a shit but if someone wants to take that and use it as fuel that’s fine, but I’ve got a chip on my shoulder either way.”

Ravens tight end Mark Andrews doesn't care what media and fans have to say about his team.
Ravens tight end Mark Andrews doesn’t care what media and fans have to say about his team. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

“Everything that we can do is still ahead of us,” Andrews continued. “There’s no like ‘poor me.’ There’s none of that in this building. That’s all outside noise. We’re fired up, we’re gonna be ready to go … so be ready.”

Mark Andrews is correct about Ravens

Andrews is correct about a few things. First, I believe that it doesn’t affect the players that fans want the offensive coordinator fired. He can’t pretend that they don’t hear it though, since it was a Ravens player who posted the video of the signs on the Internet.

Secondly, though, everything is still in front of the team. This week, they face a 5-9 Falcons team at home starting a rookie QB in his second NFL start. The first one … didn’t go very well.

After that, they welcome the 6-8 Steelers to town. Yes that’s a rivalry game and yes the Steelers will look to play spoiler. But Baltimore is much better than Pittsburgh and should have Lamar Jackson back by then.

Finally, they finish with a trip to the AFC North-leading Cincinnati Bengals. The Ravens are currently one game behind the Bengals, who still have to play the Patriots and Bills.

If Baltimore handles business against lesser opponents and the Bengals drop either of those contests, the Week 18 matchup will be for the division title.

I bet Mark Andrews gives a sh*t about winning the AFC North.

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