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Future Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence and Marissa Mowry were married Saturday in Bluffton, South Carolina (after spending Thursday at The Masters) while friends and family looked on. It was your typical magical wedding where a soon-to-be-wealthy NFL quarterback tells his wife-to-be to do it up and that’s exactly what these two did Saturday.

While the typical outlets covering such an event — PEOPLE, US Magazine, TMZ, The Daily Mail, etc. — focus on the dress, what the groom’s hair looks like, etc., it’s our duty at OutKick to rate the dinner menu because, let’s be honest here, that should be the only focus for us common guys on this site.

There was a champagne wall — that’s the first one of those I’ve ever seen, but I don’t go to many weddings — at the reception that looked lovely and all, but let’s get down to the meat of the matter, the menu. Drinks are drinks. Meats are a whole different matter.

I’ve transcribed the menu for those of you on a phone and unable to get a good look at the photos provided by those in attendance.

‘Chop Bar’

• Dry rubbed NY sirloin, wild mushroom demi-glace

• Rosemary grilled rack of lamb chops, chimichurri

• Bacon-wrapped pork loin, cipollini onion soubise

• Charred seasonal vegetables, roasted sweet potatoes with bourbon maple bacon glaze

‘Chilled Low Country Seafood’

• Old Bay spiced shrimp

• Crab claws

• Oysters on the half shell

• Cajun remoulade, spicy tomato cocktail sauce, Red Clay hot sauce, horseradish, lemons, buttered crackers


• Bolognese, alfredo sauce, aglio

• Penne and tortellini pasta

• Grilled shrimp and chicken, seasonal vegetable topping, garlic bread, parmesan, red pepper flakes

‘Wedding Cake’

• Chocolate decadence

• Rich chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate buttercream

• Pretty in pink cake

• Pink champagne cake, lemon curd cream, fresh raspberries, vanilla buttercream

• Southern Comfort cake

• White cake, salted caramel buttercream and bourbon milk, Italian buttercream

OutKick menu grade: A-

I need to know if the gentlemen in attendance were allowed to do the ‘Chop Bar’ and the ‘Chilled Low Country Shrimp’ meal, because that is the only call to be made here. Oh, and keep the oysters coming. Save the vegetables and the roasted potatoes. This isn’t about balance. This is about performance, and if TL is going to spring for a surf & turf, it’s time to go to pound town.

If I had to make a choice between the two and there was an abundance of booze available, I’m going with the chop bar. It would be risky to hammer all that shrimp and crab before getting loaded on bourbon, champagne and the 12-pack you stashed in the bushes for when the bar shuts off the liquor.

The cake sounds amazing, but I’m passing on those carbs when there’s booze to crush.

All in all, it sounds like the couple had a lovely evening and have a huge month in life coming their way: honeymoon, house hunting in the Jacksonville area, a trip to Cleveland to be the No. 1 pick, the marketing appearances, etc. I’m completely exhausted thinking about such a schedule.

Trevor Lawrence wedding menu
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  1. In my pre-marriage early/mid 20’s, my priorities would have been some seafood, beef, whiskey and the bridesmaids. Now in my mid-50’s, it’s more “that chocolate decadence sounds good”. I guess priorities change.

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