Rasul Douglas Explains Rationale Behind Baffling Play And It Makes Sense

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Rasul Douglas is getting scorched today for his bizarre move during an attempted field goal Sunday night, but the Green Bay Packers’ cornerback said there’s definitely a method to his madness.

Douglas came under fire during Sunday’s loss to the Lions when he appeared to swipe the ball away from the center right as the whistle blew before Detroit attempted a field goal.

Seriously, it was one of the more bizarre plays you’ll see in a football game. It even left ‘Here’s a Guy’ Cris Collinsworth stunned!

Anyway, that wasn’t the move that drew penalty flags. Shortly after, Douglas then took a swipe at a Lions player who gave him a little shove for crossing the line, and that drew a 15-yard penalty.

The Lions went on to make the field goal and, ultimately, win the game and eliminate the Packers from playoff contention.

Twitter went NUTS over the move, and Douglas finally spoke out Monday afternoon, explaining his rationale behind it.

And, frankly, I think I’m buying it!

“Crazy people don’t get why I did this,” he said in a tweet, which was in response to Pat McAfee slamming the move. “He missed a kick earlier in the game and we called timeout on this play. I wasn’t about to let him get a free kick so I did this. Now, me hitting him after he pushed me I take full accountability for.”

Rasul Douglas explains baffling play against Lions

You know what? It makes sense. Who knows if that’s actually why Douglas pulled this power move, but I’m a sucker for smart football decisions and this one is diabolical enough to sway me.

Lions kicker Michael Badgley did miss a kick earlier in the game, and conditions weren’t great at Lambeau to begin with (shocking, I know).

Rasul Douglas.
Packers DB Rasul Douglas explains reasoning behind baffling play against Lions. (Photo by Kayla Wolf/Getty Images)

This was a pretty big moment in the game right before the half, so of course you don’t want him getting any extra kicks in. To me, that part makes sense.

The foolishness that went on after the play that cost the Packers 15 yards and made it a chip shot, however, did NOT make sense. At least Douglas owns up to that one.

What do you think? We buying this or did he just have 18 hours to come up with an excuse?

Written by Zach Dean

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