Rashida Tlaib Says U.S. Supported Taliban Before Taliban Even Existed

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Far-left AOC sidekick Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) says the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan is the result of a failed U.S. policy “going back to the 1980s when we backed the Taliban against the Soviets.”

That’s quite the statement. It’s also wrong. All of it.

See, the Taliban did not exist in the 1980s. It did not fight the Soviet Union. In other words, the United States didn’t back the Taliban in the 1980s against the Soviet Union. Instead, the Taliban emerged as a major faction in 1994.

Just in case she tries to memory hole it, please screenshot Tlaib’s tweet. Twitter could install an edit feature exclusively for the Squad.

As FoxNews.com notes, “Tlaib appeared to conflate the Taliban with what was actually the Afghan mujahedeen, various rebel groups united against the Soviet army under Islamic ideology and supported by the United States.”

It’s hard to swing that hard and miss that embarrassingly. A blue check has not delivered a self-owning knockout that devastating since Joy Reid revealed she had yet to learn the meaning of 538.

The margin in Florida was 537 votes. 538 is, instead, the number of electoral college voters. Also, the SCOTUS didn’t reverse the election in 2000.

Actually, Reid’s tweet is worse than Tlaib’s.

They say never hit “send” if you are drunk. That’s good advice. However, you also shouldn’t hit “send” if you are an angry, radical leftist. That means both Rashida Tlaib and Joy Reid should lay off the “send” button for a while.

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  1. Neither Tlaib nor Joy Reid HAVE TO “Be Smart”. They simply have to “be smarter THAN their supporters”.

    Which – scarily – they seem to be. That applies to A LOT of elected Democrats and with the Lib/Dem media.

  2. Remember in school or at work we always seemed to have someone around who talked just to hear themselves talk. No substance, just mindless blather all while taking up everyone else’s time. That’s the “Squad” in a nutshell. This must be Rep. Tlaib’s week to say stupid things to the press.

    You get what you vote for Michigan.

  3. I would never, ever even consider white-knighting for this horrific hose-beast, but the U.S.’s support of the Mujahadeen against the Russia, Russia, Russians was pretty much who filled the vacuum in Afghanistan after the Russia, Russian, Russians left and became the Taliban.

  4. She’s an idiot and a terrorist sympathizer and total fifth column. That said, though, the mujahideen, which fought the soviets in the 80s with US support splintered after the soviets pulled out. Some of them stuck together, founded the taliban, and were the most successful band of warlords post-soviet war. So in this case she isn’t completely wrong.

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