Rashida Tlaib Says Progressives Can’t Support Israel

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One of the nation’s leading anti-semites, Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib, is at it again.

Tlaib, who’s famously and repeatedly made remarks heavily criticizing Israel as a racist country, has now made another decree.

At an online event on Tuesday, Tlaib said “I want you all to know that among progressives, it becomes clear that you cannot claim to hold progressive values, yet back Israel’s apartheid government.” Her comments were made available by the New York Post.

Inaccurately and offensively comparing Israel to countries that engaged in actual apartheid is another one of Tlaib’s favorites.

She later added: “We will continue to push back and not accept this idea that you are progressive, except for ‘Philistine,’ any longer.”

Tlaib Received Pushback

But another progressive Democrat, Representative Jerry Nadler from New York did not agree. He posted a Twitter thread contradicting Tlaib’s assertions.

Nadler’s account tweeted, “I fundamentally reject the notion that one cannot support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state and be a progressive.”

Another tweet said: “I proudly embrace both of these political positions and identities, even as I have criticized some of the policies and actions of democratically-elected Israeli governments over time.”

Nadler is also apparently proud of his “progressive record and credentials.” And that’s something that he should most definitely not be proud of:

Several other Democratic politicians spoke out against Tlaib’s remarks, including Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who tweeted:

“The outrageous progressive litmus test on Israel by @RashidaTlaib is nothing short of antisemitic. Proud progressives do support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state. Suggesting otherwise is shameful and dangerous. Divisive rhetoric does not lead to peace.”

Ritchie Torres, a New York politician joined in with his remarks, saying “There’s nothing progressive about advocating for the end of Israel as a Jewish State. Nothing progressive about opposing the Abraham Accords, which promotes peace. Nothing progressive about opposing Iron Dome, which protects civilians from indiscriminate rocket fire.”

Juan Vargas from California also disagreed, as well as Florida’s Ted Deutch who’s previously spoken out against Tlaib’s comments towards Israel.

Soft On Anti-Semitism

Nadler and others were much too easy on Tlaib. That’s likely due in large part to her membership in “The Squad.” This is a group of extremely far left members of congress who weaponize their massive online followings against anyone who dares to criticize them.

Nadler is no doubt aware that Tlaib is openly and blatantly anti-semitic, comparing the actions of the Israeli government to Nazi Germany without a hint of irony.

She’s made dog-whistle remarks condemned by the Jewish community and supported anti-Israel groups.

But he let her off easy anyway. Because he knows that he can’t pick fights with a member of “The Squad.”

As progressives have gotten more and more extreme, establishment liberals have had to tacitly accept the growing swell of anti-semitism within their ranks. Otherwise, they risk being left behind.

While she received a small rebuke from Nadler, it was mostly about defending himself, not criticizing her.

The more Tlaib is allowed to get away with these offensive comments, the more she’ll feel emboldened to continue making them.

Written by Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, author, and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, traveling, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter @ianmSC

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