Ranking The 10 Craziest Foods Being Added To The 2022 State Fair Of Texas Menu

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The State Fair of Texas is one of the biggest events in the Lone Star State. It claims an annual attendance of over two million visitors and is held within the 277 acres of ‘Fair Park’ in Dallas.

(courtesy: State Fair of Texas)

Taking place over the course of more than a month, this year’s Texas State Fair will begin on Sept. 30 and close on Oct. 23. Texas and Oklahoma, as is tradition, will play at the Cotton Bowl Stadium on Oct. 8, right smack dab in the middle.

While in town for the Red River Shootout, there are all kinds of games, rides, shows and vendors to keep you entertained. In addition, the fair is known for its food. The options are endless.

This year, the fair added 41 new things to eat. Some look delicious, some not so much.

However, there is no denying that everything is bigger in Texas. Some of the food that will be added to this year’s lineup is insane.

Here are the 10 craziest new foods being served at the 2022 Texas State Fair:

1: Chamoy! Pickle

This thing is wild and it takes the top spot on this list by a large margin. Start with a pickle, wrap it in a fruit roll-up, stuff it with fruit gushers, coat it with chamoy sauce, sprinkle it with tajin seasoning. That’s what’s going on here.

(image courtesy: State Fair of Texas)

2: Fat Elvis

Served on a biscuit, this sandwich is first spread with a thick coat of peanut butter and strawberry jelly. From there, it is topped with fire-toasted marshmallow fluff, a big piece of bacon and fried plantains. It is guaranteed to be the most unique sandwich you ever have.

(image courtesy: State Fair of Texas)

3: Raspberry Chipotle Sopapilla Cheesecake

Sweet raspberries and spicy chipotle are blended with cream cheese to create a pastry filling unlike any other.

(image courtesy: State Fair of Texas)

4: Crispy Dilly Dog

A corn dog, but make it a pickle instead of a hot dog. It’s that simple.

(image courtesy: State Fair of Texas)

5: Texas Twosome

Have you ever had a Frito pie or a pepperbelly? This is that, but in a sandwich. If you don’t know what that means, let me explain. This sandwich, encased by Texas toast, is covered in American cheese and filled with Fritos, chili and jalapeños.

(image courtesy: State Fair of Texas)

6: Deep Fried Praline Cheesecake Egg Roll

Praline cheesecake is stuffed inside of an egg roll and deep-fried to golden brown. You’ve never had an egg roll this rich and creamy.

(image courtesy: State Fair of Texas)

7: Pickle Pizza

A piece of cheese pizza is covered in pickles, which seem to be a theme. Pickle pizza. Hm.

(image courtesy: State Fair of Texas)

8: Hot Honey Chicken And Sweet Potato Pie Waffle

Chicken and waffles on steroids. It sandwiches fried chicken between Belgian waffles that are stuffed with a three-generation old sweet potato pie recipe and topped with bacon.

(image courtesy: State Fair of Texas)

9: Funnel Cake Chicken Sandwich

Not to dissimilar to chicken and pie waffle, this sandwich subs bread or bun for two things of fried dough and slaps a piece of chicken in between.

(image courtesy: State Fair of Texas)

10: Cookies and Cream Mini Donuts on a Stick

This right here is a pretty simple concept, but serving it as multiple mini donuts on a stick instead of just one big donut is why it’s on this list.

(image courtesy: State Fair of Texas)

Honorable Mention: Pork Belly Burnt Ends Pizza

Of the many strange foods that are being served at the fair, this is not necessarily one of them, which is why it didn’t make the Top 10. While it is different and unique, it sounds delicious. The pizza consists of red sauce, mozzarella, smoked pork belly burnt ends, fresh jalapeños, cotija cheese and barbecue sauce. Sounds pretty fuego.

(image courtesy: State Fair of Texas)

If your tastebuds are still tingling after diving into the Top 10, these are not the only new foods being served this fall. And this list doesn’t even include some of the classics that have been served for years.

There are plenty of incredible options to clog up those arteries! To get a feel for all of the food being served at the fair, you can find it here.

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