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I took a night off from sports to watch the Ernest Hemingway and Ted DiBiase documentaries

What a combo of documentaries it was after a night of making dinner, mowing the lawn and going over which limbs need to be chopped off with a tree guy. It was time to sit down and decompress from sports for a night before I dig into The Masters coverage for the next five days/nights. PBS is out with a three-part Hemingway documentary from Ken Burns that is narrated by Peter Coyote, the voice of so many Burns’ works, including the Vietnam series. Like Augusta National birds chirping, Coyote telling me about Hemingway slamming daiquiris in Havana is normally enough to put me into a coma but not last night.

I’m not going to pretend, like the Internet nerds who act like they’re well-versed in everything Hemingway, that he had quite a way with the ladies, especially while married. Episode Two ends as Ernest is about to hook up with his fourth wife.

I was all jacked up learning about something other than how Baylor is a bunch of dogs and Gonzaga is soft, so I plowed through the second episode of Hemingway and wanted more. One thing led to another and I threw on the 2017 Ted DiBiase documentary from Amazon. I know, quite the transition there.

Here I was expecting a little more debauchery out of the ‘Million Dollar Man’ documentary and instead, I got Ted being grilled about cheating on his wife and how the family dealt with it like 25 years later. It felt more like an intervention well after the fact. And that was that. I learned about one of the greatest writers in American history and one of the great wrestling characters that ever existed. That was Tuesday night.

• This morning I learned Budweiser is out with a commercial that ends with the message “Good times are coming. Now we have a shot(.)” on the screen. Other major brands are joining in with similar messages centered on vaccinations.

• And in other business news, mall vacancies…wait for it…were at a record high during Q1 of 2021. I might be in the minority here, but I didn’t see that coming. Why didn’t I see that coming? Because I’ve been in a mall twice in the last 14 months and both times were due to Apple products that used to never need maintenance.

• In transportation news, those of you looking to ditch your car and use a scooter around town are in luck. NIU Kick Scooter is selling an electric scooter that has a top speed of just under 20 mph and a range of 5 1/2 hours on a charge. Walking down the street to my neighbors used to be such a hassle. Now I need a cooler backpack and this scooter (retail $599), and I’m set for a wild summer.

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    Far too many people are using mac n cheese in their sammie’s lately. I feel I’m missing something I should be trying

    Happy humpday everyone!

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