Randy Moss Is Still Angry About Losing H.S. Basketball State Championship On Same Team As ‘White Chocolate’ Jason Williams

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Randy Moss and Jason Williams are two of the best athletes of all-time at their respective sports. Although the latter may not get the credit that he deserves in terms of accolades, he is one of the greatest passers in NBA history. The former, on the other hand, is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and sits on the hypothetical Mount Rushmore for best wide receivers in history.

Putting them together, on the same team, is a recipe for dominance. However, somehow, they fell short.

Moss and Williams are from the same part of West Virginia. They grew up less than 10 miles from each other and went to school together at Dupont High School, a public school that was open from 1962 to its closing in 1999.

Not only were they wandering the same halls, The Freak and White Chocolate also graced the same hardwood. Moss and Williams played basketball together for a few years before they both went on to play for Marshall and in the NFL and NBA.

Randy Moss and Jason Williams
(Photos by: Doug Pensinger /Allsport, Mitchell Layton/Getty Images, Dupont High School)

Needless to say, their team was nasty.

Williams recently spoke to his time alongside Moss and offered the highest of praise. He even said that the future NFL pass-catcher was even better on the basketball court.

Imma take it a step further, not just the best receiver. To me, I played with a lot of good athletes; bruh is the best athlete I’ve ever been around. I mean, when I talk about athletes, I’m thinking like can he hoop? Can he throw a baseball? Can he sprint faster than you? Can he jump higher than you? Can he throw a fishing rod further than you? All that, bruh. He do everything. He going to beat all y’all..

— Jason Williams, via All The Smoke

The Panthers made it all of the way to the West Virginia State Championship in 1994, but they fell short and lost in the title game. Moss, to this day, cannot believe that Dupont didn’t hoist the trophy.

Moss’ frustration is understandable. That team was so good.

Hell, even putting the rest of the team aside, the Freak/Chocolate duo was enough to propel a team to the highest level. They just couldn’t get the job done. Bummer.

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