Randi Mahomes Pool Day, Brett Favre Golf With The President & A Socially Distanced Umpire Argument

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I’ll probably have a quiet week on the couch after this weekend

Friday I ordered six yards of mulch and then a college kid showed up to dump it and I took one look at the pile in the dump and knew I was in trouble. “Yeah, they gave you extra. Looks like it’s about 7 1/2 yards to me,” college kid said. Yep, they sure did. So Friday night was nearly four hours of work followed by nine hours Saturday. I didn’t even want to drink after moving the mulch. No pool. Straight to the couch to rest up for 36-holes yesterday.

I hate to brag, but I survived and didn’t need to text Clay to tell him I was taking a day off for recovery. No way. Right to the work computer to pound out material for you guys who do this blue-collar type of stuff on a daily basis. I spent several summers doing the road construction thing back in the day so I have nothing but respect for the guys dealing with 100-plus temps for months on months.

That’s why it’s my duty now to keep you guys entertained when you grab some shade and check your phones at lunch. Let’s start the week off strong with Patrick Mahomes’ mom stopping by, a masked up, socially distanced umpire argument and some vintage Dale Sr. Stay cool out there and let’s have some fun.

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