Rams Vanquish Seahawks, Await News on Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp Injuries

The Los Angeles Rams relatively easily disposed of their division rival Seattle Seahawks today to advance to the next round of the playoffs, but lost a number of key players to injury today that will prove costly if they can’t return next week.

John Wolford, who was starting at quarterback in place of Jared Goff, got drilled by a shoulder-to-helmet hit from Jamal Adams and was transported away from the stadium in an ambulance with a neck injury. Aaron Donald, the pass rusher who is perhaps the most significant non-quarterback player in the entire NFL, left the game with a rib injury. Cooper Kupp, their leading receiver during the regular season, left the game with a non-contact knee injury.

Unless the Bears stun the Saints on Sunday, the Rams will play the Packers next weekend. It goes without saying that Donald and Kupp are very important in a game that the Rams would be decent underdogs in even at full health.

For now, we should applaud this victory for the Rams. They were underdogs in this game and deserve a ton of credit for smothering Russell Wilson. This was a big win for Sean McVay over Pete Carroll, in a game where he had to adjust on the fly on offense to return to Jared Goff, who is less than two weeks removed from thumb surgery.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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    • +1 and Russ let that “Let Russ Cook” nonsense go to his head. He’s always starting fast and then fades in the 2nd half of seasons. Case in point this season (when people were crowning him MVP early on):

      Weeks 1-8: 26TDs, 6INTs
      Weeks 9-wild card: 16TDs, 8INTs

      “But his O-line sucks!” It was the same “suck” O-line when he was playing NFL Blitz and beating up on bad defenses before Week 9. Russ has a notorious habit of hanging onto the ball wanting to hit the homerun ball and while that worked on porous defenses early on, against stronger comp later, that led to sacks, fumbles, and INTs and it showed up today (#1 defense, he completed 40.7% of his passes…AT HOME).

  1. Cheat Carroll is just a snake oil salesman who never won anything at the NFL level before Russell Wilson came along. The only way he was able to win at USC was because of countless recruiting violation (not too mention how many he wasn’t caught for) and has shown that since the “Legion of Boom” fell apart he has been a mediocre coach at best. I for one am always happy to see the Seachickens bounced from the playoffs.

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