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During a promotional tour for the new film Jerry & Marge Go Large, actor Rainn Wilson who’s better known as Dwight Schrute in NBC’s hit series “The Office,” was asked what his former co-workers would be up to these days. Wilson’s character played the role of teacher’s pet to his boss Michael Scott, and overall made for an entertaining question. But of course, Rainn Wilson would use this opportunity to throw shade at right wing policies because he knows better than all of us.

Celebrities will never learn.

“He’s probably figuring out ways to make the farm more profitable, probably a Schrute Farms roadside stand with the money beets on top. I think that he is a capitalist, so he would have bought a lot more buildings in and around Scranton,” Wilson said when asked what Dwight Schrute would be doing today.

Wilson then goes on about his politics

“Maybe a Flat Earth right wing ticket, running for some kind of city council seat in Scranton,” Wilson said. Funny that Wilson recognized earlier that smart businessmen creating community growth are “right wing capitalists.” Glad we got that out the way.

Dwight Schrute was a character that always managed to maximize personal gain, and frankly, his role in The Office was hysterical. For those that understand and embrace the dry side of comedy, Schrute’s character was a nice change of pace in today’s climate that’s oversaturated in gestures void of substance. How ironic for the character’s actor, Rainn Wilson, to bring this whole thing full circle and use a personality he helped bring to life in order to bad mouth Republicans? Self awareness is on zero with this one.

Wilson was then asked about the entertainment value of remote meetings and how that would’ve faired on air.

“It would be very funny to see Dunder Mifflin as a remote, hybrid workplace,” said Wilson. “An entire episode of The Office that was on Zoom? That would be pretty cool. I think if Michael was still at Dunder Mifflin he would definitely be wanting people to come back into the office no matter what,” Wilson said. “He’d be showing up at people’s houses, he would just want people around desperately. He would get really depressed in his condo, on Zooms and not being able to connect to people,” the actor said.

The Office last aired May 16, 2013 and some of us signed up for streaming services like Peacock just to re-watch the series. It’d sure be nice if the show’s actors could let us enjoy the product without a lecture nine years later. Entertainment was better off when we didn’t ask our entertainers what they thought.


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