The Rainbow Mafia Is Growing Stronger By The Day: Tomi Lahren

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The rainbow mafia is growing stronger by the day as Liberals literally BOW to their psychosis! 

It’s time for Final Thoughts. 

The radical arm of the LGBTQ+XYZ movement- the Rainbow Mafia- as I call them has convinced an entire segment of humans (mostly Liberals) to bow down and kiss their rainbow and it’s downright pathetic. 

Allow me to give you a few examples, from just this week alone. 

This one might be the most pathetic of all. Watch as Drew Barrymore literally gets on a knee to worship this fake woman, Dylan Mulvaney. Watch this. 

That jerk has made a career out of mocking actual women as if we are nothing more than high-heel wearing bimbos and Drew Barrymore is gonna get on knee for him? This is some twisted stuff, folks. 

Like are we in the twilight zone?!

Same this with Lil Nas X- a gay rapper, by the way, who is not apologizing to the trans community for tweeting out this photo of social media influencer “Glow Princess” with the caption, “the surgery was a success.” 

And then the rainbow mafia went nuts and accused him of mocking the transitioning process.

At first Lil Nas X defended himself saying what we can all see, the chick looks like him.

But then reversed course and apologized for offending the mob. Let’s get that straight, a GAY MAN is now apologizing to the mob for not being woke enough. 

That mob by the way represents 0.1% of Americans and yet, they’ve convinced at least half the country to bow down to their BS. 

Be trans, I don’t give a damn, but what you will not do is make the rest of the people in this country cower, bow and bend to whatever woke whim you’re force-feeding us this week. 

And for the avoidance of doubt here, let me make something else clear. I’m a female. I’m not a CIS female, whatever the hell that is. Do not add your BS to my biology. Take your CIS and shove it. 

And that also goes for our grifting president who has been instructed, by whatever green-haired gen-zer in his office is pulling his strings this week, to normalize gender dysmorphia and the coaxed mutilation and medication of children.

BIDEN: “It’s not like you know a kid wakes up one morning and says you know I decided I wanna become a man or I wanna become a woman or change…”

You freakin kidding me, bro?

YES, the whole point, premise and plan of this radical LGBTQ movement is for kids to wake up and not know what the hell they are and then be coaxed into taking drugs or cutting off body parts in this “discovery” process. 

We cannot allow this administration, the democrat party or the rainbow mafia to normalize this crap. It’s child abuse. 

We will be remembered in history by how we protect children. This ain’t it. 

Written by Tomi Lahren

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