Raiders Cover Against Titans

Raiders vs. Titans, 1 ET

Both of these teams were playoff teams last year. Now they square off both looking for their first win of the season. The new look Las Vegas Raiders are not exactly struggling, they have been competing but they are falling apart at the wrong time. The Titans are struggling, they look terrible and lost on offense. Let’s look at this game and see what we can take away.

You can’t lose in a much worse way than the Raiders did last week. After leading for a long portion of the game, they gave up a touchdown and two-point conversion with no time on the clock. It was a drive that they stopped a few times. If you were watching the game, it felt like they gave the Cardinals about twenty attempts to score before the end of the game. Then, they finally got a stop against the Cardinals in overtime. The only issue is that Hunter Renfrow fumbled the ball two times on the final drive from the Raiders. The second time he fumbled, it was scooped up and returned for a touchdown by the Cardinals. Luckily for me, I recommended the over in the game and it hit because of that, but the Raiders took an embarrassing loss. The Raiders did look good overall, but it was shocking that he only had two receptions. I’d expect that to change in this game.

The Titans had an embarrassing loss, but it wasn’t the same fashion as the Raiders. The Titans were in the game for roughly five minutes before the Bills demolished them in every possible way. By the fourth quarter, the majority of starters were out of the game. The Bills are clearly the best team in the NFL, there is no question about that right now. Maybe that game should be thrown out when evaluating the Titans. The problem is that it was still a situation where the Titans only play a half of good football. Against the Giants, they played well in the first half and then sucked in the second. Same situation against the Bills, they were only down 10 going into halftime, and even if you didn’t think the Titans would come back, you thought that maybe they could keep it close.

Now the Titans need to take on the Raiders on a short week after getting embarrassed on national television. If that doesn’t make them motivated, I don’t know what will. The problem remains that the Titans have no passing game. Tannehill has been a serviceable quarterback for a few years, but he isn’t great. He never really has been. Derrick Henry doesn’t even really have a chance to get going because people are so focused on trying to stop the rush.

I think the Raiders are the better team, though. I’m going to play the Raiders -2 at -110. Both teams are coming off losses they want to avenge, but the Raiders have a bit more rest and I think have better offense and defense.

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Written by David Troy

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