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Guess I’ve now lived through my very first noticeable earthquake

That was a big surprise last night when it sounded like one of our neighbors lit dynamite out in the street. The house shook, the kids went nuts and here I told them it might’ve been thunder. Turns out it wasn’t thunder and I’m not convinced it was a 2.6 magnitude earthquake that made that sound.

Let’s check in with the USGS to see what’s going on here:

Small shallow earthquakes sometimes produce rumbling sounds or booms that can be heard by people who are very close to them. High-frequency vibrations from the shallow earthquake generate the booming sound; when earthquakes are deeper, those vibrations never reach the surface.

There you go. It sounds like I’ve now lived through an earthquake and I have a story to tell. That had to be the loudest 2.6 magnitude earthquake in the history of earthquakes.

California readers: Save the emails about how you’ve lived through 9.9 magnitude earthquakes and you wouldn’t even flinch at a 2.6. I know what I heard and felt.

Rio is dead and now I see this from Slots-A-Fun and I’m now convinced everything from my early gambling days in Vegas is dead

Can’t say I’ve been keeping up with Slots-A-Fun these days, but then last night this crossed my feed and it brought back good memories of slumming it for cheap beers and cheap whatever they were serving at the food stand.

I’d be curious to know how much it costs Gen Zs to get properly loaded on the Strip these days.


• Indy Daryl writes:

Not sure what happened yesterday but it looks like my mowing report never went through and now I can find it! I had a whole description of how my lawn started out like the Colorado Rockies (9-20) but has been coming on strong as of late (10-5). Oh well! Hope you a great night!


Barring a complete collapse this weekend and through Memorial Day, it appears MY Reds will escape the first two months of the season without being 10 games out. They’re still a terrible road team (7-15), but a deal is a deal. Mark P. in Indiana was all about providing me with tickets to a game because he has a ticket source, but I’ll be the bigger man here and uphold my end of the bargain.

Sidenote about MY Reds: I noticed last night’s crowd was actually decent in the outfield seats. The weather’s warming up and they’re giving people hope with a .432 win percentage.

Romantic Upper Peninsula of Michigan

• Michael P. writes:

Have to put it in quick but just have to say love Screencaps and I make sure to check it out every morning.

Saw Owen B asking for some UP tips. Thought I would share a bit since I live up here.

First, I would say if you don’t need to be in Detroit try and see if you can get a flight up here and cut out a bunch of driving. Plenty of airports up here that all have flights to Detroit or O’Hare.

People mentioned lots of great stuff such as the waterfalls and pictured rocks. All great. 

Also worth mentioning that Marquette is a great little town on Lake Superior. It has a couple of breweries, good restaurants and easy access to plenty of outdoor activities. 

Up in the Keweenaw peninsula, the Houghton/Hancock area is fantastic with access to copper harbor that was previously mentioned. Always great to stop in the Keweenaw Brewing Company in downtown Houghton. Their beer is as good as anyone’s and a pint is still only $3.50. Beautiful towns on the canal that cuts through the peninsula. 

Lastly the Porcupine Mountain State park is as beautiful as any in the country. Great hiking and Lake of the Clouds is gorgeous. Hope that is helpful.

Screencaps readers are always welcome in my neck of the woods.

What time is it? Game time.

It’s about that time this morning to get over to the ballpark to play Game 5 of the 10U house ball season and the big news this morning is that we have to pray NINE players will show up. I have four that are guaranteed OUT this morning and there are at least two others who are hit-and-miss.

Yes, we use GameChanger.

No, you cannot be sure, even if someone clicks ‘Going’ that they will be ‘Going.’

It’s going to be dicey heading into warmups. Will we have enough players or will we be forced to forfeit? Stay tuned.

That’s it. Gotta run. Yes, it’s another busy weekend that just happens to be one of my favorite weekends of the year where I get to go to an event that I absolutely love and cherish. More on that Monday when I return with a full report.

Now go hammer out those summer projects that need to be completed before Memorial Day weekend.

Take care.

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