Rachel Maddow Accidentally Agrees Trump Indictment Is Ploy To Derail 2024 Bid

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MSNBC host Rachel Maddow agrees with Donald Trump that his indictment is a means to derail his presidential campaign.

Maddow accidentally admitted as much when she discussed the charges against Trump on Thursday. She suggested the Department of Justice could offer Trump a quid pro quo: drop out of the race and we’ll drop the charges.

Maddow called it a “political solution to this criminal problem.”

“Whether part of the issue here is not just that Trump has committed crimes, but that Trump has committed crimes and plans on being back in the White House.”

If the charges were legitimate, why would bowing out of the race lessen the crime? It wouldn’t. The charges are not legitimate.

The indictment is a sham. Another weaponization of the Justice Department.

Now, it’s hardly a revelation to say the charges (and arrest, and raid, and percussion) are politically motivated, rooted in a ploy to halt Trump’s 2024 bid.

Though it’s rare to see a figurehead of the corporate press admit so, albeit inadvertently. Especially Maddow, the poster child of the Russia Hoax.

Thus, the statement caught host Lawrence O’Donnell off guard. O’Donnell warned Maddow that she just lent credence to Trump’s rebuttal of the charges:

“[That] would put the Justice Department in this position that Donald Trump claims they’re in. You know he claims they’re trying to stop him, simply trying to stop him from becoming president again, and that’s the only reason they’re doing this.”

Most likely, Maddow tried to create a talking point: urging Trump’s legal defense team to initiate said quid pro quo. But said the quiet part out loud in the process.

She’s hopeful Trump will take him so out of the race as part of a plea. After all, Maddow often sets the tone to which the rest of MSNBC and CNN contribute.

That said, Trump’s legal team is unlikely to acquiesce. Even if convicted, the case would not disqualify him from office.

It’s also hard to envision a conviction given the frivolous nature of the charges. Then again, evidence is optional in a Banana Republic.

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