NFL Wife Rachel Bush Has Kneeling & Anthem Opinions, Unloads Them

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My old friend, NFL wife Rachel Bush, has weighed in on the Drew Brees kneeling, anthem, protest, etc. controversy that has turned into a war zone over the last 24 hours since Drew answered a question about players kneeling during the national anthem once the NFL returns. After a night that saw people in NOLA chant “F Drew Brees,” the legendary Saints quarterback has apologized for his opinion and that has caused another round of thought tweets.

Rachel, married to Bills safety Jordan Poyer, went off on followers. In now-deleted tweets, she wrote, “Since when did standing for your flag and country become racist?” She continued, “When you STAND for your anthem and flag that’s out of respect for your country.” She even threatened to out guys who slide into the DMs and are now fighting her over her thoughts. It’s getting wild out here on these streets because you know Rachel has those thirsty DMs ready to fire off a barrage — if it comes to that.

The early tweets were deleted, but Rachel wasn’t done having words on Twitter. She eventually worked up another batch of tweets and seems perfectly fine to go at it with people today. If you like your NFL wives staying quiet, doing dishes and not having opinions, Rachel Bush isn’t going to be your ideal NFL wife. HERE WE GOOOO!

Before I forget, here’s some of Rachel’s latest Instagram work:

Written by Joe Kinsey

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