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I wasn’t going to make a big deal out of being stung in the jugular, but…

…then last night my wife alerted me that there are three sting marks on my neck where a yellow jacket absolutely unloaded on me over the weekend as I was pouring out a cup of water into the sink. All I can remember is the bee going straight for my neck, the stinger going in & my hand going to my neck to grab the bastard as it was going to pound town in my flesh.

Now, would I make a big deal out of this if it was one sting? No. When you get up to three yellow jacket shots to the jugular, it’s now material that leads Screencaps. Before you ask, you’re damn right I’m milking this for all it’s worth with my wife. Even though it happened Sunday, I’m still playing hurt around the house.

Last summer, clearly by accident, I got into a ground nest of yellow jackets and paid the price with what felt like a dozen stings to my feet and legs. That was nothing compared to having a yellow jacket attached to my neck and being pummeled by that little bastard.

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• That brings me to my weekend. It’s Michigan Canoe Trip Weekend! I’ve been going on a trip down the Au Sable with friends for like six out of the last seven years. The only year I’ve missed in that stretch was last summer when we were trying to get OutKick humming along. It was tough telling my canoe partner that I had to take a year off, but that’s just how committed I was to Clay’s project.

To say I live and breathe for this canoe trip is an understatement. We’ll head up tomorrow morning and go straight to a golf course to play 18. Then we’ll get up Friday, play more golf, play another 18 in the afternoon and then head off to Mio, MI where cellphones barely work. That’s when I fall completely off the grid for about 40 hours. I’ll grab a seat on the porch and soak up the Au Sable River valley.

Then Saturday morning, we jump into canoes for an 18-mile float while surrounded by a national forest. The group will drink some porch crawler, swim, have a few Jell-O shots, laugh, suck down Pure Michigan and then trip leader Canoe Kirk will make a big spaghetti dinner to soak it all up.

And that will pretty much be the end of the summer travel season.

• Yes, this means I’ll miss TNML, but I know you guys understand that I need to suck down some Pure Michigan to get my head right. I trust that league members will carry on without me while I travel into a part of the country where WiFi isn’t great. There’s something about getting into an area where the cellphone has one bar. It’s heaven.

Beau in Toledo’s brother, Andrew R. writes:

Here’s my son Joshua (2-1/2 years old) helping my brother Beau to get the mower out to the front yard, (with a gratuitous plug for the Thursday night mowing league).


• And finally this morning, we have a McDonald’s ice cream machine lawsuit brewing where there are allegations the company in charge of making a diagnostics tool to solve machine issues “designed flawed code that caused the machines to malfunction” in order to profit off machine repairs.

Go out there and have a great Wednesday. I’ll be blogging and getting mentally prepared to disappear into the woods.

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