Qatari Sociologist Celebrates American Soccer Journalist Grant Wahl’s Death

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In a not-so-shocking twist from the Qatar World Cup, a Qatari sociologist couldn’t wait to dance on the grave of American soccer journalist Grant Wahl.

Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari, who typically pops up on social media to celebrate horrible situations or to teach Muslims how to beat their wives, announced on social media, via a translation, that “By the will of Allah, the pig croaked, dropped dead, went belly up, and is dead and buried,” while referencing Wahl.

“May Allah gather him in Hell with the original Sodomites, whose land Allah turned upside down. That pig, the king of the sissies, showed up in Qatar on the first day flexing his muscles, wishing to promote the act of sodomy,” Al-Ansari continued.

Al-Ansari’s grave dancing was soon met by resistance from fellow Qatari intellectuals like Jasem AlReshaid AlBader from Qatar University.

It is a shame by God, and it is not permissible in Islam to gloat at the death of whoever it is. Anyone who enters our country is safe, and whoever passes away by God is at the mercy of God Almighty. It is never permissible to say this. This behavior is totally unacceptable,” AlBader tweeted Monday.

“This person does not represent us, this is not acceptable,” he continued. “The American people are our friend.”

AlBader was met with resistance on Twitter by those who support Al-Ansari’s celebration of Wahl’s death. This is the sentiment held by people where we have military bases and soldiers based.

Let’s see what they think of Wahl’s death:

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