Putin’s Screwed Now…Sean Penn Is In Ukraine To Film A Documentary

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The Russia-Ukraine War has taken a twist as the bad boy of drama, Sean Penn, has touched down in the country as Vladimir Putin’s great military machine is ripping towards Kyiv where the actor has met with President Volodymyr Zelensky.


If there was ever a moment where Putin has said, ‘Woah, wait a minute, what have I gotten myself into,’ it has to be right now as the Russian dictator realizes Penn has sided with Ukraine. Why is this big news? Think back to when Penn got involved with the hunt for El Chapo and how that ended for the drug kingpin.

Penn brought down the man and now he’s turned his attention to a big boy war as a documentarian for VICE. Penn’s in Ukraine to attend press briefings, meet with Zelensky, and to record footage that will be turned into an upcoming documentary on this war.

“An American actor and filmmaker, Oscar winner Sean Penn arrived to Ukraine. The director specially came to Kyiv to record all the events that are currently happening in Ukraine and to tell the world the truth about Russia’s invasion of our country,” the Office of the President of Ukraine announced on Facebook via translation.

“Sean Penn is among those who support Ukraine in Ukraine today. Our country is grateful to him for such a show of courage and honesty.”

And in a direct shot at American politicians, the office said that “Sean Penn demonstrates the courage that many others, especially western politicians lack.”

Sean Penn attends a Ukraine press briefing / Office of the President of Ukraine/Facebook

What can Penn do to stop the war? The Ukrainian government wants to win the content war with Russia, and they think that starts with Penn’s documentary.

“The more such people, true friends of Ukraine, who support the fight for freedom, the sooner it will be possible to stop the massive attack on Russia,” Ukrainian officials announced via Facebook.

Penn originally traveled to Ukraine in November when tensions were rising. Now he’s in a full-blown war and he’s the hero the Ukrainians have been waiting for.

Just ask Alexander Rodnyansky, presidential adviser to Zelensky, who had dinner Thursday night in Kyiv with Penn as bombs were flying around the capital.

“On a slightly more positive note today in spite of the political and military situation: Exciting, fun and captivating conversation over dinner with [Sean Penn], who came to Kyiv at this critical moment,” Rodnyansky tweeted.

CNN’s acting like the world is collapsing and Zelensky’s assistants are out to dinner with Sean Penn.

You’ve been warned, Putin. Ukraine went out and got itself a secret weapon of mass destruction. Ask El Chapo how things went when Penn focused on that chase.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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